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Friday, September 14, 2012

Summer Garden Yumminess

First of all a quick apology.  Almost 3 months and no post.  No excuses, I just haven't gotten around to it.  School is in full swing (95% on my first major Immunology exam-Woot! Woot!).  The car is sitting in a parking lot in a puddle of coolant.




Meanwhile, I am continuing to see a Nutritionist and a counselor in order to get my horrible food habits under control.  Along those lines, the kids and I are getting a lot of gorgeous produce from our community garden.

Pear tomatoes, zucchini, green bell peppers.  Yum!

Our garden bounty has led to some seriously yummy eats around here.  My first creation was going to be pasta with chicken sausage and peppers but at the last minute I decided to use up some potatoes I had laying around.  There is no recipe to go with this one I literally threw it all together with no plan at all.  Cooked the bite size sausage first (I used all-natural, no nitrates, free range chicken sausage).  Then the potatoes.  Then the bite size veggies.  Add sausage back into the pot and seasoned with oregano, salt & pepper and lots of garlic.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE garlic.

 Doesn't that look good?

Onions, peppers, tomatoes & zucchini all from my garden. 

We also made some bruschetta to go with it.  I did not make the bread (although I can when I have the time).  Rosemary and olive oil bread from Costco.  Yellow pear and other tomatoes from my garden with salt, pepper and fresh garlic.  I used pre-made pesto which is why I didn't add any olive oil to my maters.  We have made this at least 4x since this first day.  It is that good.

I am so very glad we decided to give the community garden a try.  It has been hard to get there to water and harvest now that school is our primary focus but it is so worth it.  I have even begun to teach myself how to can some of the extra tomatoes this year.

I hope you are getting to enjoy some delicious fresh produce while the weather is still good.