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Sunday, May 27, 2012

It took a village

My family is my village.  Mom has been in town for a few weeks waiting for one of the sisters to have her baby (she did btw- a beautiful 7 lb 12 oz little girl).  Another sis & her husband came over with their gorgeous 6 month old son.  My kids were home and we got to work.  Mom spent all day, scrubbing and reorganizing my entire kitchen.  It actually shines.

The sis headed for the basement and I now have a floor.  The kids' desks are organized and ready to be used.

The bro-in-law and my son headed upstairs, pulled the old toilet out of the bathroom and installed the new, pretty, low-flow one somebody gave to me.  He also hung up my sunflowers picture which I have had sitting around for almost 3 years.  

As for me?  I sat on the couch and my little sis just kept bringing me papers to go through. Boxes and boxes of paperwork was sorted through, organized, filed, recycled or shredded.  There must have been 4 full copy paper size boxes.  It was awful.  Freaking awful.  But it is done.  And it is gorgeous.

And it would never have happened without me swallowing my pride and asking my village to come and help me dig my way out of what was quickly becoming an upcoming episode of Hoarders.

Shelves are no longer overflowing with paperwork.

I didn't even realize they hung this up.

:)  Just sayin'

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Linda said...

You all did an amazing job! The sign of "we do's" made me cry... Such amazing things that truly do happen :)

I'm glad the village was there :)