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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What We Ate While Playing Poker

Its time for the fabulous Jenn's What I Ate Wednesday

This week the kiddos wanted to learn how to play poker.  Here's what we ate while we played.

Veggie burgers with a yummy side of pickled cukes & onions.  You can't really see it in the picture but my poker chips are white, brown and the prettiest shade of pink.  So are the cards.  :)


Fresh from the farmer's market.  So good!

Meet Mr. Organic Pizza Rolls Man.  He was delicious.

I also made my very first batch of iced coffee here at home.  It was so good

Go Buffs!!

Cold brewed decaf coffee with some chai latte flavored creamer and almond milk.  Delicious and saves me $5.  :0)

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MonkeMama said...

Was that your bridesmaid gift?!

Tia said...

It was indeed :)

Kelsey said...

omg i LOVE mr pizza roll man! and he's organic too!!??

xoxo <3

Tia said...

,Out here in CO in the freezer section you can buy from a company called Amy's. Its frozen meals/snacks that are organic, non-GMO, some gluten free. :) They are so good and I bought a bunch because they were marked down 50% off.