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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIAW: dinners

Once again I have slacked about joining Jenn's fabulous What I Ate Wednesday posts.  Things have been a bit cuh-razy around here once again.  :)

So here are some photos of what we have been eating since my last WIAW post.


Zesty Chicken

The sauce was soooooo good.  

Made with diced tomatoes, green chiles and peanut butter.  I could not believe how delicious it was.  I actually used my finger to wipe that plate clean.

Zesty chicken nachos the next day.  :)

My beautiful Neva enjoying some frozen organic strawberries on the 99 degree 4th of July.

I made hummus.  With barely cracked black pepper corns.  Yum!

Tuna salad made with hummus instead of mayo, onion & celery. 

No bread for us. I put it in buttercrunch lettuce from our garden.

And may I just say, its a darn good thing the tuna was good enough to eat plain because my daughter ate every single one of the tuna-lettuce wraps before I even sat down to join her.

Oh.  And just to clarify.  I use my regular dinner plates as serving plates.  So the pictures you see aren't MY meals.  That is how much I put on the table for the 3 of us.  Only in the case of the tuna/lettuce wraps, my sweet little girl forgot to share. 

Blueberry-strawberry slushies.

We've been making a LOT of these and/or fresh fruit popsicles.   It's just been so darn hot!

Frosting from a chocolate mint cupcake.  This little bakery makes THE BEST cupcakes EVER!!

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Jennifer said...

Just bookmarked this on Pinterest =) YUM! love the tuna lettuce wraps and you totaly have to tell me more about that sauce!!!! <3 details, woman!

Tia said...

Well cool. I've never been bookmarked before. :)

I adapted the recipe from my crockpot cookbook. I used a 28oz can of diced (no salt) tomatoes, 1 small can of green chiles & about 1/4C of creamy peanut butter. Mix it up, pour over the chicken & let it bubble away. At the end I put in some fresh from the garden cilantro which makes it soooooo good. :) The kids liked it too so I may try to use tofu & see if they'll eat it.