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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Breastfeeding picture of the week

As I continue to study, study, study for my upcoming doula training I remember more and more how amazing it was to be able to nurse my child.  I know all about the physiological benefits for mom and baby.  I can explain how milk is made and expressed.  I know several different tips for treating sore nipples.  I am learning to help women with latching problems and the frustration that can bring.

But none of that is what I think of when I reminisce about nursing my own child.  I think of how frustrating it was with my older child.  The anger at my inability to feed my child without pain and tears.  The struggles, the screaming (both him and me) as I tried to fight my way through the most horrific depression and despair.  Then I think of the peaceful feeling that would wash over me when I sat with my daughter at my breast, my son snuggled into the crook of my arm holding onto her feet as she ate.  I think of the extra sleep I got at night, sleeping with my breast out, keeping my child close enough to nurse on and off thru the night as she wanted.  The difference for me?  Education and help.  I brought in a lactation counselor to help me with my daughter.  I needed that nursing connection that only a mother and child can feel.  I needed to be able to show my son, what I could not do with him, to replace the traumatic feeding experiences I had put into his little mind.

So I've decided to start doing a breastfeeding picture each week.  I love that artists have realized the beauty of a woman nursing her child for centuries and I hope to share that beauty with you.  

It is possible.  

It is amazing.  

It is beautiful.

Picasso "Maternity" 1905
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