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Sunday, June 26, 2011


It's been a rough week.

Last Friday I left the house for work only to find that some little bastards had come through the neighborhood slashing tires and being a general pain in the ass, waste of good oxygen.  Yes, I'm sure their mom's love them but I am pretty sure I wouldn't love them or their mom.


Kel & I did a little bonding as we changed the tire.  It took us about 40 minutes mainly because my jack sucks.  It is a little tiny thing, that is pretty rusty and very s-l-o-w to use.
Neva, ran after the ice cream truck and watched us work.  :)

This morning I discovered that somebody has stolen all the money from our vacation/cuss jar.  I have no idea who it is that did it.  But it was somebody that took all of the bills and quarters out of there and replaced them with pennies.  I don't think the 6 year old I babysit would be smart enough (or sneaky enough) to think of that.  I never look in the jar, I just drop the quarters in (it sits under my desk).  It's been in the same spot for at least 4 months so I don't even look, just drop and clearly the sound of a quarter dropping on pennies is the same as the sound of a quarter dropping on quarters.  I hope karma kicks this thief in the ass.

So anyway, after replacing the four tires and buying new rims because it was discovered that one was bent and another was cracked my bank account is very low.

Very.  Low.  As in I had to balance my checkbook and erase the automatic debits that won't actually go through before next payday just to be sure I had enough to cover gas for the newly tired (thats tire-ed not sleepy) car.  So much for the plan of working extra hours to be able to save some money for the kiddo's braces.  :(

Thats ok though.  We are dealing with it.  I work, they play and we get up the next day to do it all again.

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