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Monday, May 30, 2011

Walgreens haul 5/29

This week I found some amazing deals at Walgreens.  :)

Once again it was divided into three different transactions.


-3 Kids Aquafresh toothpaste
-1 3 pk Listerine pocket-paks
-1 Ecotrin aspirin
-1 Icy Hot Naturals creme
-1 issimo Cappucinno drink

$17.94  Retail price
$  5.94 After coupons/sale pricing
-$5.00  Register Reward 


-4 Degree deodorants
-2 Off! Clip-on mosquito repellants

$30.98 Retail price
$ 7.02 After coupons/sale pricing
-$5.00 Register Reward



-1 Kids Aquafresh toothpaste
-1 issimo Caffe Machiato drink
-1 3 pk Listerine pocket-paks

 $7.28 Retail price
 $4.48 After coupons/sale pricing
-$4.00 Register Rewards


So for everything I bought I paid only $3.44.  

I do so love my couponing!


MonkeMama said...

Do you just split up the different transactions in your cart and ask to ring them separate?

Tia said...

I did this time. They weren't busy & the guy that checked me out was super nice. He even said I could bring all my coupon buys to him & he would check me out with no complaints because I had everything organized for him. :)

Last time I did 2 seperate days because I wasn't quite sure what I was doing.