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Monday, May 02, 2011


Can you figure out the title?

Meal Planning Sunday Posted on Monday

I give up.  I will never actually post this darn thing on the Sunday that I do the planning.

Of course, in this week's case, there is no actual planning.  I went to my physics final exam review last night and we didn't get home until 8:30.  Thank you God for other people feeding my kids.  (And me).  Tomorrow is the physics final and then life should begin to return to some semblance of normalcy.  Normal for us anyway.

On to this weeks meal plan:

*crickets chirping*

There is no plan.  We have no food.  Ok, maybe thats a slight exaggeration.  We have 2 frozen fish filets of some sort.  Sole I think.  Some frozen fruit.  A few boxes of soy or rice milk.  Quinoa and pinto beans.  My lettuce & spinach are doing well in the garden but they aren't big enough for a full meal yet.  Oh.  And pasta.  So much freaking pasta.  There is nothing to put on the pasta though.  No tomatoes.  No veggies (not even canned).  Butter?  Nope, we are out of that too.

I bought some frozen pizza and a couple bottles of pop for tonight (what?!?  thats planning ahead---I knew I had to study).  Then the plan is to get my butt to the store.  Really.  On Wednesday-while the kids are in school I WILL buy some food.

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