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Friday, May 20, 2011

Back to basics

I realized that this blog is supposed to be about my journey to healthier living and I haven't posted on my workouts.  I have begun working out regularly again.  It's only been a week(ish) so there are no dramatic results to be posted.  No fancy before and after photos.


I am doing a variety of workouts all found through Comcast's On Demand.  They have something called Exercise TV and there are so many free workout videos.  I started with the little ones, 12 minutes or less of focused video.

Abs & back.

Today was my first 30 minutes workout and I did Jillian Michaels Shred.  It kicked my ass.  Literally.  As it turns out she had us doing butt kicks which are exactly what they sound like.

My butt isn't what is sore though.  It's my arms and shoulders.  The muscles are still quivering and its been at least 45 minutes since I finished.  I've had a hot shower and still they just keep on quivering.  Sadly, I was only able to use 2lb. weights but that's better than no weights I guess.  :)

Not sure how I'm going to feel working today, if people bring in a lot of heavy packages I may just drop one.  Thats how jelly-like I feel.

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MonkeMama said...

Exercise tv? Never knew. I shall try to find that right now.