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Friday, May 20, 2011

85 cents goes a LONG WAY

Today was my first completely successful trip for some super-couponing shopping.  Let's not call it extreme couponing because I don't have room to become a Hoarder of non-perishables.  :)

First thing I did was make a list of what I wanted to get and exactly which coupons I needed to take (which I attached to my list with a paperclip).

So very organized.  So very unlike me.

I headed to the Walgreens nearest me only to be met with empty shelves.  :(  Uh oh.  Luckily there was another Walgreens on the way to work so I simply hopped in the car and headed that way.  

Here's what I got:

  • 3 bottles of Gillette body wash

  • 3 Gillette deodorants

  • 1 Dove Men+Care deodorant

  • 6 450 in. Scotch tape rolls

  • 1 Twix :)

  • Here is what I paid:


    Let me give you a moment to scroll up & look at that list again.

    You read that right.  Only 85 cents!

    Here's how I did it:

    This was two separate transactions.  

    Transaction 1:
    Gillette body wash x 3 on sale for $3.33 each                                       9.99
    Coupon for $2 off body wash x 3                                                        -6.00
    Gillette deodorant $4.99 x 3                                                               14.97
    Coupon buy Gillette body wash get free deodorant x 3                       -14.97
    Scotch tape roll $1.99 x3                                                                    5.97
    Coupon Buy 1 Scotch tape @$1.99 get 2 free                                     -3.98
    Coupon Get $1 off Scotch tape x 3                                                     -3.00

    Grand Total                                                                                     $0.48 pre-tax

    Plus I got a $3 register reward to use for the next transaction :)

    Transaction 2:  
    Dove Mens Deodorant                                                                     3.99
    Twix                                                                                                .39
    Scotch tape 450 in. roll $1.99 x 3                                                     5.97
    Coupon Scotch tape $1 off x 3                                                        -3.00
    Coupon buy 1 Scotch tape get 2 free                                               -3.98
    Use previous Register Reward                                                        -3.00

    Grand Total                                                                                 $0.37 pre-tax 

    Oh. And I got another $3 register reward for my next trip.  

    Yep.  :)  I paid more in tax than I did for my items.  Weird huh?  

    Tomorrow I am hunting for some free hot sauce.  :)

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    Anonymous said...

    Get out of here, I am missing something, are these regular Walgreen coupons? Are you using a store coupon on top of the brand coupon?
    Great job by the way, I am very very impressed, not just being frugal, but your organization skills honey! I love you big as God my Daughter!

    Tia said...

    The buy 1 get 2 free was a Walgreens coupon from their Sunday circular. The $1 off Scotch I found online :) on the Scotch brand website and the Gillette coupons were all in the Sunday paper coupons. :)

    The organization is coming from practice & the idea for all of this came from and/or

    I get their daily emails about upcoming sales.

    Or I like because she has some easy to understand tutorials on how to get started with couponing. :)

    MonkeMama said...

    Good job!
    PS- I don't see a Twix in the picture :)

    Tia said...

    The twix may have been eaten. Maybe.