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Monday, May 02, 2011

1 a day: Day 2-Meaning behind blog name

Momma's Journey

Pretty self-explanatory.  I am a Momma.  And this life is my journey.  :)  I am constantly trying to move forward, never stagnating as I am prone to do.  I am striving to be a better momma as I really do suck at it.  I am ill-tempered, VERY impatient,  I curse.  A lot.  A lot a lot.  The kids charge me a quarter for every bad word I drop and if we weren't so broke (and constantly raiding the cuss jar) I could probably take us on a Disney vacation on what I pay.  But I keep trying to change me for the better.

I write a lot about food because I am working on making better food choices.  Given unlimited funds we would probably eat out at least 4 days a week.  And it wouldn't be at the local yummy vegetarian place.  Fast food, quick food, bad for us food.  This is where we lean.  I am trying to stop this horrible habit by eating only at the fast food place near us that uses hormone free beef and makes their fries from scratch each day.  Is this healthy?  Nope.  Is it better than the frozen-feed-lot patties and chemical laden fries the other places offer?  Yep.  I am also buying mostly veggies and whole grains for the house.  It forces me to cook real food.   

Continuing the un-healthy trend we have my laziness.  I make couch potato-ing a sport.  I hate to be hot which means I don't like to sweat.  Therefore you can guess how much I enjoy working out huh?  The intention is there.  I do set the alarm to get up and work out before the start of my day.  Then I hit snooze.  It's what I do.  I've decided to stop pretending I'll work out in the morning (I hate mornings) and do it in the afternoon or evening when I have some energy.  We'll see if this works for me.  

On the plus side.  I have finally (after 20 years) stopped listening to my instinct about the men I date.  My instincts are bad.  SO. VERY. BAD.  I've been in 2 physically abusive relationships and one emotionally exhausting one.  I seem to only go for the guys that need to treat me and/or my kids like shit.  I finally broke this cycle.  First by not dating for a year.  Second, by not allowing the guys I date to meet my kids.  I know this is a bit extreme but its the only way I know to keep my kids from being hurt by my stupidity.  Granted: this does lead me towards short-term dating.  But as I have no intentions of making the marriage mistake again thats not really an issue.  I focus on my kids and my schooling which leaves very little time for relationships.  If a miracle happens and I meet a man I actually want to be with for more than a short while (and vice versa) this anti-relationship dating could change.  I'm not totally stuck in my ways.  ;)

Thank you for joining me on this Momma's Journey.  Please try not to take offense at my honesty.  I don't want to scare anybody away but I just don't have the energy to be somebody that I am not.  This is me, warts and all.

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