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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WIAW Easter edition

It's the last week of school.  I took my 1st final about an hour ago and I am heading into 3 more finals during the next week.  I took extra pictures of Easter dinner in preparation for what I knew was going to be an insanely busy week.  I didn't want to miss out on WIAW but I am not really cooking this week.  :)

I prepped and/or cooked almost everything the night before.  Eggs were boiled and cooled, potatoes & carrots made completely, cauliflower casserole put together, cake made & decorated.  Come Easter Sunday I put the ham in the crock-pot, made the whipped cream for pink stuff & made the deviled eggs.  I dropped the kids off at their Great-Aunts for family time & I headed up to physics tutoring.  The kids and I didn't actually get to sit down to eat until after 7pm.  :)  It was worth the wait though.

 Mashed potatoes & carrots.  :)

 Cauliflower Casserole.

This is usually a broccoli casserole but I had like 3 pieces of broccoli left and an entire bag of cauliflower. :)

 Ham with a plum-glaze.  Yummy!

 Pink Stuff.  A sickeningly sweet family tradition.

 From the store rolls.  No time to bake.  :(

 Tooter acting like a vacuum cleaner.

 Bunny Cake

Neva guarding the pink stuff.


Jennifer said...

bahahaha pink stuff!? ohmygosh you're too funny! I love a good family tradtion =)

Happy WIAW Tia! <3

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Tia said...

Isn't that sad? But that's what we call it. :D Pineapple, cream cheese, cherries (or when lazy like this year a can of cherry pie filling) & whipped cream. For some reason my family wants this for EVERY holiday.

MonkeMama said...

Because it ROCKS!

At first I thought that picture of Tooter was really just a pic of your daughters freakishly curled toes :)

Tia said...

Noticed those did you? She really may be part monkey. :D