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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Too many books? NEVER!

"She is too fond of books and it has addled her brain."
-Louisa May Alcott

That is my all-time favorite quote ever!  For so many reasons.  The main one being that I love, love, love books.  Yes I do want to get an e-reader of some sort someday but I still love my books.  I love the feel of them in my hands, the smell of them and mostly their ability to carry me away from the dreariness, anger, frustration, chaos that is my life.  :)

That being said, I also happen to own a lot of books.  And I mean a LOT!  So I decided to organize my bookshelves in my basement.  The basement is my primary project lately.  I already did the desk, you can check that out here.  I recently cleared a space for the kids to each have their own school desks (although we are still working on painting them) and the books were in desperate need of some loving attention.

Who could find anything in this mess?

These were on the now empty shelves from the upper picture.  :)

First thing I did was start removing the books from the shelves.  Each shelf got a quick cleaning and then I began sorting the books into different categories.

Books the kids read.

 Harry Potter

Anybody remember these?

 Mostly "real" literature.  :)

Philosophy/Religious studies books

Once I sorted them I started putting them back on the shelves.  My romance novels took up an entire shelf all by themselves.  

Literature shelf after.

Yes I did put Harry Potter on the literature shelf.  Mainly because these are MY hard-cover versions.  The kids can have the paperbacks to themselves.  

Non-fiction books

Kids books after.

This is really only a preview of what's to come.  I am hoping to get the wallpaper removed from the remaining basement walls.  One of the walls will then be painted in chalkboard paint for the kids.  I saw a beautiful bookshelf/window seat with storage combo doohickey that I am planning on making for this room as well from some reclaimed/repurposed kitchen cabinets.  :)  Of course, that will mean I have to move the books once again.  But that's ok.  Sometimes it has to be itty bitty baby steps just to make the house presentable until it's time to tear it apart all over again.

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