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Friday, March 04, 2011


This is an explicit post.  I am pissed off and every other word running through my head starts with fu- ends with k.  Occasionally I add an -er to the end just to mix it up a bit.  I am not actually speaking out loud because I am afraid I will drop one of these f-bombs when someone says 'hello'.  .

I ran 1000+ miles with my 19 month old son while two months pregnant with my 2nd child in order to get away from the man that wanted to kill me.  I survived and moved on with my life.

I got my kids through their fathers drunk-driving death and that was not easy.  We survived and moved on.

I cannot believe that I have busted my ass to get where I am and I am going to be stopped dead in my tracks by a freaking physics course.  I am trying desperately to get my college degree and I can't get through this god-blessed course.  Lectures are useless, the tenured professor doesn't know how to teach to an introductory non-physics major level.  I still go to class.  I attend a 2 hour review run by a different professor which I thought was helping.  I claw my way through the homework both written and online.  Then I go to take an exam and the damn professor puts three questions on topics that we have never learned.  There hasn't been a single homework or lab question about these topics but there they were.  On my effing exam.  Thats an automatic 16 points off the top.  Which means even if I aced the rest of the test (I didn't) I couldn't get higher than an 86%.

I did not even get close to this.

I failed.


And I don't know what to do about it.

So, here is Cee Lo Green singing today's anthem.  Thats how I feel.  This is the uncensored version so don't click on it if you will be offended.

F*ck You


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's EXACTLY how I feel! I just want to print this on a t-shirt and wear it around. After you left class today, Dr. Dubson came in and sat in your seat. He asked me if the class was normally that empty and I told him no (I explained a little about the classes reaction to the last exam). He said he would be back on Monday to check things out. You definitely aren't alone in your feelings and I think the Physics department might actually do something about it. At least that is a hope/thought/dream I am going to live on for the next week. Do you want to go to tutoring with me on Sunday at 2 pm? Randall

Anonymous said...

PS. Tomorrow is your birthday and you should definitely enjoy that instead of joining me for physics. :) Randall

Jennifer said...

go ahead and blast that ceelo up super high girl! and just sing it until you feel waaaay better! <3