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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Cooking with kids: Sunday brunch

We made a big ol' brunch together today.  I started it but the kids quickly wanted to help.

Kelen asked if he could learn how to cut the potatoes.

I showed him how to curl his fingers under and use them as a guide for the knife.

He practiced making even sizes.

Always clean the knife and put it away as soon as you are done with it.  

I love the bright orange of organic eggs.

 Nevaeh's turn: Add a pinch of salt.

Fresh ground pepper is the best!

She remembered to tip the bowl and whisk quickly to add air to the eggs.

Hot stove

Stir the eggs

Kelen cut some velveeta we had leftover from nacho night.

Breakfast burritos ready to eat


I love that I can teach my kids some very valuable life skills (cooking, cleaning, organizing) and they don't even realize that is what is happening.  At ages 10 and 8 my kids can already make more meals than several adults I know.  This makes a Momma proud.  :)
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