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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Launch Pad

This week's challenge from Toni over at A Bowl Full of Lemons is the Launch Pad.  Now, I had never even heard this term before I saw this post.  Apparently the launch pad is the area near your door where you drop all your crap stuff to have it ready as you leave in the morning.

The kids and I don't really have one of these.  Once I got to checking out some posts I realized that my house is set up a bit ass backwards.  The hall closet is up by the front door but the parking spaces are by the back gate.  We almost never use the front door.  Pretty much only if the pizza guy doesn't follow instructions to use the back gate.  :)

So, I have taken some photos of what it looked like before and after.  This is nowhere near as fancy as most of the ladies but it will work for my little family of three.

Space by back door Before

This is what was there before.

Kids shoe bench by the front door.

I have no idea why I didn't think to move this before.  It was in a bad spot sitting in the hallway by the front door.  The front door that we barely use.  We would come in the back, take off our shoes and drop them on the ugly rug.  Once they dried off we would trek across the living room/dining room and put them in this bench.  

Ugly, dirty rug by back door.

The carpet in this place is Awful.  That is awful with a capital A.  It's ugly, fraying, stained and has been that way since I bought this place.  Let's just ignore it and dream of the beautiful hardwood or tile (I can't decide) floor that I will be able to afford to put in someday.  


Back to reality.  


Great hiding spot

I moved the shoe bench to the space where the plant was and found it a new home.  We don't actually use the bench to sit on (as the lid is kind of breaking) but we do store shoes in it and out of the walkway.  We can also keep our backpacks on the top and grab them as we race out the door.  

Please pardon the wood pieces, those are waiting for a warm day so that we can paint them and put them up in my son's bedroom.  I'm afraid if I put them away I will just forget about them and Kel really wants some shelving in his bedroom.  After all, it was about 18 months ago that we tore the previous ones out.  Read about that escapade here.  

The vacuum is waiting for trash day.  It blew up today.  Literally.  Sparks, smoke & yuck blowing out at me.   

Despite that little set back all I could think as I looked as this picture was "Damn that ugly rug". 

So I decided to swap it out for a pretty purple one.  Well, I moved the dog off of it and gave her the ugly gray one.  She doesn't care; aren't dogs color blind anyway?  ;)

Much better.

Now, if this would just melt away.


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Marlene said...

It looks great and much more user friendly, launching pad is almost like the idea in clean house? or something like that, I can't think of the name of it, but this is great honey! Can hardly wait to see you's Thursday! I love you Tace!