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Monday, January 03, 2011

Oh the Shame!

Day 2 of A Bowl Full of Lemons organization challenge.

Clean only the top of your desk.  Are you prepared to see what my desk looked like?  I warn you now.  There was no top to be seen.  My desk has been a catch-all for EVERYTHING.  Sewing, paperwork, bills, my daughters song lyrics, piano music, Scout stuff, odds & ends and I even found some dental floss.

Here it comes.  Look away if complete chaos hurts you.

Desktop Before

I tossed everything into a giant tub.  I then washed it off.  This was gross.  I really need to start dusting more often, especially seeing as I am actually allergic to dust (mites).  But it looks pretty good don't you think?

This desk is about 6 years old.  I got it from a clearance area for about $20.  I am pretty impressed that it has held together this long.  I am sure I have had to tear it down and put it back up at least 10 times since I bought it.  Yes the fake wood is peeling off in places but I am on the Dave Ramsey plan and a new desk is simply not in the budget.

I began going through every single scrap of paper, every item and put it in it's proper place.  From start to finish this project took me 2 hours and 56 minutes.  I know because I timed it.  :)

Here is my VERY organized desktop!

Desktop After

He must have seen the before pictures.

We are trying to memorize this one.

Mr. Pig is holding matches & lighters so the kids won't be tempted.  I also like that he seems to be looking over my upcoming class schedule.

I even started organizing this little cabinet I received for Christmas.  Isn't it beautiful?
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Toni said...

WOW!!!! Great job!

Catherine said...

Incredible transformation!

Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

The desk looks great!

Tia said...

Thank you. :)

MonkeMama said...

Who are you and what have you done with Tia?!
Oh, and that glass of water by the Mac just makes me cringe!

Tia said...

Its not a glass of water its a glass of apple pie smoothie. :) Does that help?

Shelly said...