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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mail Organization

Day 17: Mail Organization

Maybe I'm psychic but I actually began to do this yesterday (well technically about 2 a.m.) when I was awake and unable to sleep.  I noticed the giant stack of papers nearly falling off the shelf and decided to go through them.  So this "before" picture is actually after I sorted through another, even worse pile.

After but still before.  *shrug*

Here is the recycling I didn't put into recycling last night.

This box, while a bit tall is the perfect width for hanging file folders.  I am on the Dave Ramsey financial plan though so there is just no buying fancy containers right now.  (I am keeping an eye out for great sales though).

First thing I did was cut off the flaps with my utility knife.  Then I wrapped it with my pretty shelf paper.

The bottom won't be seen so its not finished.

Inside isn't seen either.


I went through the papers and already put them where they go.  It took me awhile to decide what files would best suit us.  I ended up with seven files.  

1-3: Each one of us gets one.  
4: My sister also gets one for her mail although she no longer lives with us.
5: To be filed.
6: Waiting for a response. These are documents I have mailed off and am expecting more to come.  
7: New mail.  I am hoping I can get my son, who also checks the mail, to put it here rather than in his backpack or on the table or in the fridge.  Yes that happened once while he was getting his after school snack.    

Just in case.

I made this during the desk organization.  

It holds bills that are due and not yet paid, my coupons and my favorite pink pad of paper that I use for grocery lists and coupon deal tracking.

No more unruly papers on this shelf.

Now I am off to class with no worries about searching for the money order I had misplaced at Christmas.    It is found and in my purse ready to go to the bank.

I hope you are finding as much peace with these organizational challenges as I am.  And maybe even a little extra money too.  :)


Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

Well done!

Patty said...

Wow great job! Mail in the fridge is a new one, but I can see it with teens lol. I know what you mean about it bringing peace. I'm loving these challenges! (Still working on my nasty fridge hah)

Patty said...

Forgot to say, LOVE the idea of covering the cardboard box with the contact paper. I will totally keep that in mind for future projects!

MonkeMama said...

Nobody ever would have known that was a cardboard box! Great job sis!

Kelly said...

Just wanted to let you know that I used your idea and linked to you on my blog! Thanks so much for the inspiration!