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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kelen's Toys

Day 9 is Toys

Now, I have two kids.  However, right now my 18 year old sister is bunking (literally on the top bunk) with Nevaeh.  I am NOT entering that room.  It's gross.  She will probably, maybe, possibly be moving in with a friend in the very near future so I can wait.  If that doesn't happen then I'll put on a gas mask, some rubber gloves, my lab coat and a hat and head in.

For now I worked on Kelen's room.

 Before: Dusty and cluttered.

Cluttered top of the dresser.

This looks familiar.

At least they're ON the toy box.

To be perfectly honest, at first I wanted to cry.  I think however, that is primarily hormones and the fact that I was in such a rush.  Dinner was in the oven and I only had 30 minutes to feed the kids, get this done and leave for Nevaeh's karate class.  Ugh.

I got to work and we mostly finished before it was time to leave.  And yes, I had Kelen helping me the entire time.  We took out a lot of trash.  Wrappers, no longer glowing glow-in-the-dark crapola, papers, papers and more papers.  He did all of the dusting and together we decided what was staying and what was heading to the donate pile.  :)

Much better.  Now it is stuff he wants displayed.

Personal items

Only things in here are big stuff.  Nerf guns, car tracks etc...

This looks nice.  :)


Can you tell I let the 10 year old put the labels on?  The fact that he actually wanted to was more than enough reason.

All in all we ended up with 11 different boxes.
-rubber bands (its really bracelets, those stretchy band things but he said there was NO WAY I was allowed to label it that way)
-sports stuff
-action figures
-Tech Decks
-spy gear
-Kung Zhu

I think this was pretty successful and I really hope we can keep it looking this nice.  


MonkeMama said...

Do you own a labeler?! You really have crossed over! Looks good, yeah for Kel helping. I would work on V's room anyway, make Kesh do it.

Shelly said...

Great job!

Tia said...

No I don't own a labeler. I printed them on my Mac Mac Baby and cut them out. :) Kel put them on which explains the crookedness.

I can't do it. It depresses me and I just don't have that kind of time right now. Monday Wednesday Friday I don't get home from school til 5 which means dinner, homework with kids rush rush rush. Tues/Thurs am home by 4 but we have to eat an early dinner cuz those are Nevaeh's karate class night although now that is changing cuz I just set up a Thursday night 7pm study group up here on campus for anatomy. :)

Amanda said...

looks great!!

Catherine said...

What is with all the paper? Every time I clean the toy room or my son's room, we find papers galore. I think he tries to save everything....hmmm, like mother like son. ;)

Great improvement! It's so nice that he wanted to help.

Marlene said...

Very impressive, and who cares if the labels are on crooked, great job getting Kel to take ownership for his own toys