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Friday, January 07, 2011

I'm a Pig

I almost didn't do today's post.  Don't get me wrong.  I did the work; I just didn't want to show it to you.

Time for my excuses/reasons/shameless begging for you not to leave my blog never to return.  I have been so depressed for the past couple of years (well past decade really).  Crappy abusive marriage.  Single mom.  Dad's death.  Best friend/sister moved 1200 miles away.  There they are.  Not good excuses just my life.  I have surrounded myself with chaos and clutter for years.  I am trying desperately to change that.

Here comes the before.  Seriously, please don't leave.

Notice the produce sticker on the door?  I hadn't until I took this picture.

When was the last time I looked up here?  I especially like the underwire I took out of a bra.  Jeez.

Here comes the worst one.  


Oh Dear God.  This was under/behind the dog's bed.

There is no excuse.  

Full disclosure time.  I began cleaning last night before bed.  I cleared off the top.  Threw away 80% of the stuff that was up there and got to washing.  I gave her a shine and put a FEW things back up there.

I'm afraid to scrape that candle wax off so for now, it stays put.

This morning, after dealing with an 8 year old's temper tantrum.

"Why do you treat me like a babeeeee?"  Ugh.  Could be the whining, just a thought.  (No I didn't say that to her--just thought it.)  

Back to cleaning.  I took everything out of the drawers, wiped them out (they were pretty clean) and folded neatly.  I got rid of a tub full of clothes I don't wear anymore.  The baby doll, stuffies, books, crayons and markers all went into a pile in the hallway for Neva to go through tonight when I get home from work.

My Dad's cowboy hat.  I will NEVER give that away.

Workout clothes to the right.  Jeans to the left.  

Oh.  Yes, the jewelry box is missing a drawer but I KNOW it is in this room somewhere.

An amazing transformation if I do say so myself.  I pulled the dresser away from the corner hoping I'll be less likely to toss stuff over that way.  Tooter now has a place for her bed that is not in the pathway.  I vacuumed as best I could because Murphy that old bastard decided that this organization challenge was the best time for the vacuum cleaner to die. 

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Samantha said...

Un Britishly.....YOU ROCK!
This looks amazing!

Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

Hey there! I know things have a way of getting you down. Moving here was very hard for me. I find starting from a pulled- together home makes the day better! I am very proud of your work! I know placing a paper bag over wax and ironing it will melt it to the bag. I have done this on carpet. I think a great way to honor your dad's hat would be to hang it on the wall. You will have to let me know how these suggestion work for you. Chin up and keep going.

Toni said...

I bet it feels great and Im so glad you did the challenge today. I see you have the dave ramsey box... Whooo hoo debt freeness! :)

Bourg Family said...

Congratulations!! It looks great!

Catherine said...

Incredible transformation!

I didn't run in fear. I actually read everything you had to say...and I understand you. I've never been super neat, but after my son's traumatic birth and all of the medical challenges to follow, I gave up. I get that emotional side of it. I think we'll get through it and feel much better about ourselves and our lives when we're done. :)

p.s. That doll in the corner was CREEPY. ;)

Tia said...

Samantha: Thank you!

Paige: Thank you for the hints. I will have to try the iron. Now that my kitchen cupboards are organized I know right where the wax paper is. :)

toni: I LOVE my Dave Ramsey plan.

Bourg: Thank you!

Catherine: I think so too. :) That doll is creepy but my daughter won't give it up.

Shelly said...

I think you did fantastic - and believe me when I say I've seen much much worse.

I know what you mean about surrounding oneself with chaos and clutter when things aren't going well. Believe me but I agree with Paige - having things put together can really, really help.

Good luck as you continue on your journey!

MonkeMama said...

Good job sis/best friend. It looks great! I found Dad's frontier shirt while doing my drawers. I would hang that hat up somewhere, not near the eagle picture- headed into shrine territory there.

Andrea said...

Great job!!

I wouldn't run away. We all have our things we're embarrassed about. Hubby can't believe I'm posting some of the pics that I am, but that's part of it. It's so nice to see what you start with and what you end up with so that you can appreciate what you've done even more!

Chin up, Girl! You're doing great! :)

Becky@Organizing Made Fun said...

You did great! It was needed, and it looks like you were up to the challenge!

Becky B.

Angela said...

Great job! I just wanted you to know I have seen a lot worse. You should see the show Clean House. Those are some dirty houses. Your drawers look great!

Amanda said...

I had been a terrible housekeeper since i started being a stay at home mom (5 years ago) and i have no excuses except lazy.

Don't be ashamed to post your pictures. Thats what this challenge is for. trust me posting the pictures and opening up to others during the challenge, will only motivate you to clean more.

it looks awesome!!!

Merely Me said...

So great!! My dresser draw had a bottle of coke on it too before I started! lol....

Please be kinder to yourself - you're doing a great job with all that you have happening! (By the way I WOULD have said to the 8-year-old what you thought! lol)


Tia said...

Monk: I have 2 of dads shirts in that drawer now too.

Andrea: I am glad I don't have to answer to a husband about this. Of course, it probably wouldn't have gotten so bad if I did. ;)

Becky: It sure did. Thanks.

Angela: At least I haven't been nominated for Hoarders yet. :)

Tia said...

Amanda: I am so glad its not just me. :)

Me: I really had to bite my tongue not to say it to her. :0) Little booger.

Violet said...

Great job!

And let me tell you, there's a pile just like yours lurking underneath the cedar chest in my entry way. I really do need to pull all that stuff out soon... ugh!

Tia said...

Thanks Violet!

waikikimum said...

Thanks for being real, there are many of us that needed this gentle nudging to get on top of things, I know I did. You did an awesome job!!! I too have noticed things when I see them on photos, I only just mentioned it to hubby this morning. It also helps me decide if something looks good together or if it needs to be changed. I think I need to see my life through pictures HA!!! I will be following your blog for encouragement. Kathy

Tia said...

Kathy: Thank you for the encouragement. I need it. :)