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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice Storm = Organizing frenzy

I did it!  I got the home management binder done this week.  :-)

First thing I did was gather all of the papers I thought I wanted to put into this baby.

Peek-a-boo toes.

I knew I wanted to put emergency numbers and contacts in the very front.  I did a LOT of online searching for some examples that I liked.  I still ended up making my own on my trusty Mac, Mac Baby.    My kids are still fairly young so I put our phone number and address at the top along with written directions to find our home in case they ever have to call 911.  For some reason our home is still not listed correctly in 911 service.  

Pardon the blue that was the only way I could think to block our numbers.  

Next months full calendar

Followed by one each individual week.

I put EVERYTHING into my phone and then upload it to the calendar on Mac, Mac Baby and print those out.  It includes my work hours, which classes I am in at what times, Neva's karate, upcoming exams and birthdays.  Doctors appts will also pop up and I can highlight those as needed.  Home is in blue and work is in green.

I just don't think it would work for me to have a separate birthday/anniversary page.  I would never remember to check it so those are included on the calendar pages as well.

Cleaning Schedule.

Under the cleaning tab is my daily and weekly cleaning schedule.  I went ahead and printed out 4 of these (1 for each week in February).  Again I had done some major google searching and found 3 different version of this that I liked and then I combined them and made one that works for our family.  I tried to adjust the weekly cleaning to best suit the things I know we have going on each week.  For instance, I wanted Wednesdays to be pretty light as I don't get home until after the kids go to bed.  So that day is dust and vacuum upstairs.  The kids' alternate these chores every other week and Momma gets that day off.

Medical Information Sheet

I wanted to have a sheet with all of the pertinent medical information on it.  I had to visit the ER this summer for a busted up ankle and while in that much pain it was difficult to remember everything.  Now I have it all written down.

School Information

The School tab includes the kids' student directory, Kelen's orchestra handbook as well as the classroom schedules and teacher contact information.

My finished binder.

This has handles, a place inside for pens, came with a calculator and it zips closed.  I decided to keep it right behind my brand new organized mail station so that we can just grab it whenever its needed.  My desk is downstairs and if I am in a rush I won't go down there to get it.  

New home.

I am looking forward to seeing if this really works out for us.  I want it to.  :)


MonkeMama said...

That binder is way cute!

Jennifer said...

me next me next! do miiine! <3 haha

Tia said...

Monke---I know right? i got it for Xmas 2009 and hadn't figured out what to use it for. :)

Jennifer--I don't think I could do an artistic enough one for you. ;)