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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Day 7: Pantry time

I finished up today's challenge with 37 minutes to spare in the day.  :)

What can I say?  It was a loooonnnng day.  I was very busy at work then it was dinner with Nana and the cousins.  On the plus side it was Joey's turn to take the girls and Nana took the boys.  I had a child-free home to organize, organize, organize.  It was wonderful!

Once I got home I unloaded the car (I went grocery shopping too where I found 6 qt clear containers for a buck a piece), put on my I-pod and got to work.  I don't have a pantry so I decided to do my primary food cupboard.

Not too bad.  Lots of wasted space though.

I pulled everything out and right away put it into piles of similar items.  Putting down the shelf paper took the longest because I was determined to get it in there correctly.

Isn't it pretty?

Blurry but organized picture.

-Extras are all on the top shelf because I'm only 5'2" tall and there is no way for me to get everyday stuff down from there.
-Canned goods are on the middle shelf.  It's such an odd size nothing else will stand up on it anyway.
-Pastas, sandwich stuff (honey, jams etc...), pasta sauces, boxed grains and soups on the bottom shelf.  The kids can get the sandwich stuff as they use it most of the time and I can get my soups for lunches.  :)

I had a lot of extras.  Now they are contained.  :)

Tomorrow before the kids get home I am hoping to get the baking and drinks/snack cupboards done.


waikikimum said...

Love the shelf covering. I haven't been able to get anything nice yet. Everything I have seen is kiddy themed. I am yet to do my pantry - I am having a motivation problem so far today.

Tia said...

Waikiki: I went to 4 different dollar stores and finally found that one at Big Lots. I can understand about the motivation. Good things is you have tomorrow too. :)

Paige @ The Wandering Cottage said...

Great job!

Tia said...

Thanks Paige!

Shelly said...

Looks great!

Amanda said...

looks great!! love the shelf paper to. i searched for come cute stuff but couldn't find any that i liked. yours is cute

Marlene said...

You are amazing honey! You go girl! I love the cheery shelf paper, I am impressed that you get that contact paper to lay down flat, errrr to that stuff, I thought the first picture was your make over pic, then I read on, and wow, you were right much wasted space, when I have my life back, and live in FL, instead of NYC, I will follow suit, I did under my kitchen sink, and the Dad's tool box, that was the first time that's been done in 23+ years, I would bet on it.........This is such a great website, it's like D.R.'s FPU but for organization :) I love you big as God!

Sally said...

It looks great! Thanks for stopping by Are They Twins? today. Keep up the good organizing. :)

kathryn said...

Wow. I love that shelf cute! You did a great job with this. You are inspiring me...I should do my shelves as well.

Maybe tomorrow...

Tia said...

Mom: Thank you! We'll see how it goes once classes start again tomorrow. :)

Sally: Thank you!

Kathryn: lol You are pretty busy with your new job. :0)
Thanks for stopping by!

Jennifer said...

Hooray! So organized!!! =) Great job, I know how awesome the outcome feels =)

The progam I use is!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

Tia said...

Thanks Jenn!