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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice Storm = Organizing frenzy

I did it!  I got the home management binder done this week.  :-)

First thing I did was gather all of the papers I thought I wanted to put into this baby.

Peek-a-boo toes.

I knew I wanted to put emergency numbers and contacts in the very front.  I did a LOT of online searching for some examples that I liked.  I still ended up making my own on my trusty Mac, Mac Baby.    My kids are still fairly young so I put our phone number and address at the top along with written directions to find our home in case they ever have to call 911.  For some reason our home is still not listed correctly in 911 service.  

Pardon the blue that was the only way I could think to block our numbers.  

Next months full calendar

Followed by one each individual week.

I put EVERYTHING into my phone and then upload it to the calendar on Mac, Mac Baby and print those out.  It includes my work hours, which classes I am in at what times, Neva's karate, upcoming exams and birthdays.  Doctors appts will also pop up and I can highlight those as needed.  Home is in blue and work is in green.

I just don't think it would work for me to have a separate birthday/anniversary page.  I would never remember to check it so those are included on the calendar pages as well.

Cleaning Schedule.

Under the cleaning tab is my daily and weekly cleaning schedule.  I went ahead and printed out 4 of these (1 for each week in February).  Again I had done some major google searching and found 3 different version of this that I liked and then I combined them and made one that works for our family.  I tried to adjust the weekly cleaning to best suit the things I know we have going on each week.  For instance, I wanted Wednesdays to be pretty light as I don't get home until after the kids go to bed.  So that day is dust and vacuum upstairs.  The kids' alternate these chores every other week and Momma gets that day off.

Medical Information Sheet

I wanted to have a sheet with all of the pertinent medical information on it.  I had to visit the ER this summer for a busted up ankle and while in that much pain it was difficult to remember everything.  Now I have it all written down.

School Information

The School tab includes the kids' student directory, Kelen's orchestra handbook as well as the classroom schedules and teacher contact information.

My finished binder.

This has handles, a place inside for pens, came with a calculator and it zips closed.  I decided to keep it right behind my brand new organized mail station so that we can just grab it whenever its needed.  My desk is downstairs and if I am in a rush I won't go down there to get it.  

New home.

I am looking forward to seeing if this really works out for us.  I want it to.  :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Challenge: Home Management Binder

I am linking up with Toni over at A Bowl Full of Lemons and getting ready for this weeks challenge.  We will be working on creating a home management binder.  Basically an organized (my downfall) binder that contains all the necessary info for daily organization and helping to reduce the chaos in our lives.  Chaos is something I am very familiar with and I think it will be great to know right where to find the kids' daily schedules, my school schedule, important phone numbers (I can NEVER find the kids' school calendar) etc...

This is a crazy week to join but if I'm honest with you, every week is pretty crazy around here.  Tuesday night is my Physics exam and Wednesday morning (8 a.m.) I have an Anatomy exam about every single bone in the human body.  Normally Tuesday is Neva's karate night so that has to be switched to Wednesday night as I don't want her to miss out.  She is so excited because she finally qualifies for weapons training/sparring classes.  No big deal right?  I am super-momma!

*cough, choke, gasp*

Yeah, right.  Anyway, I promise I will do my very best to keep up with these challenges and I am SO glad that she is giving us a week to complete each one.

If you want to know more head on over to Toni's blog and join us on this amazing journey.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Can you believe this!?  I won an award.  Even crazier, I won an award with the word stylish in it.

I'm blushing.

No, wait a minute.

Screw that!  Woohoooooooooo!!!  How exciting is this day?!?  How do I throw a hooray for me but I'm not really a totally vain butthead kind of party?  Any ideas? 

Yeah.  Me either.  Confession:  I am not getting this award because of my amazing webpage or personal sense of style; my nominator (say it like you are nomm-inn-eh-tore) she likes my honesty which is the greatest compliment I think I can get.  :)

A big giant thank you goes out to Catherine over at Avery and Winslow for blessing me with this award.  Her kind words as I have been trying to honestly and transparently share my chaos during this past 21 day organizing challenge have kept me motivated. 

The rules for accepting this award are:

1. Link back to the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass it along to 7 other stylishly and trendy bloggers.
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award. So exciting!

So, here we go:

1.  I have many self-labels: Momma, daughter, happily divorced, Christian, Democrat, sister, GLBTQ supporter, avid reader, disorganizer, loyal friend, procrastinator.  Surely we have at least one in common :)

2.  I want to go to medical school but don't see that as a practical option so I am heading into research instead.  :)  I am currently a proud University of Colorado Boulder student and I WILL get that diploma.

3.  I do not like even numbers.  If I happen to notice one (on a clock for instance) I have to keep checking until it changes to an odd number.  I have done this since I was a little girl.

4.  I quit smoking 3 months ago.  Cold turkey.  21 years of pretty much a pack a day has taken its toll but I am determined to stay smoke-free.

5.  My children and I spent some time at a shelter many years ago.  We try to return the favor by volunteering with our church's homeless ministry.  Actually we will be spending the night there this upcoming weekend.  The kids love it and have a blast playing with the kids that are there while I get to chat with the parents.

6.  I LOVE pigs.  I no longer collect them myself but family and friends continue to send them to me.  :)  Thats how I got this guy.

7.  I am disorganized to the point of chaos.  Stay tuned as I try to change this horrible habit.

And now I get to pick 7 people I want to pass this on to.

1.  Kathryn over at From the Inside...Out  She is one seriously stylish and seriously funny lady.

2.  MonkeMama over at It's a Jungle in here!  Full disclosure: she's my little sister and a truly amazing woman.

3.  The leaky b@@b  I absolutely love this site.  If you are a nursing momma, a woman with wisdom to offer newer moms or just interested in lactivism; please check this site out.

4.  Amy over at New Nostalgia is an amazing woman.  I have been a lurker on her blog for awhile now and her strength and spirit amaze me.

5.  Baby Monitor Update is a hilarious site.

6.  Samantha is An Organised Mum

7.  Jennifer over at Peas and Crayons is so talented.  Her food pictures will have you drooling on your keyboard.

I hope you check out these amazing bloggers, you'll be adding them to your blogroll before you know it.  :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Weekly Organizing Challenge

I was so inspired by A Bowl Full of Lemons' 21 day organizing challenge that I just have to continue.  She will be hosting a new weekly challenge starting Sunday, January 30.  I believe we are going to be working on our craft rooms, or in my case, crafting closet.  :)  This will be a great one for me as it currently is spilling out onto my bedroom floor.

Please go check out her site and join us on our journey to organize our homes.

What I ate Wednesday

I saw this link and had to give it a shot.  Sadly, I didn't see it until after I left the house so the pictures will be limited this week.  I promise to take some shots next week though.

Breakfast:  I hate mornings so breakfast is always grab and go.  Today it was a kiwi, Starbucks soy chai with 1 pump of raspberry syrup and a big glass of water before I left the house.  I should clarify.  The water was before I left, the rest was eaten in the car on the way to campus.

A.M. Snack: Natural no sugar added applesauce and more water.

Lunch: Almond butter and strawberry fruit spread sandwich on homemade sourdough bread.

Dinner:  This is yet to be determined (although I am leaning towards the Persian place on campus) so here is a picture of what we ate a couple nights ago.

Kel made us some pancakes from scratch with absolutely no help from me.  Actually he said I could study and he "would handle tonight's meal".  :)  Isn't he adorable?

What are you eating?

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Poisoned Closet

Day 19: Master Closet

This is not pretty.  It took me two days to get this done because it was so horrible.

Oh Dear God!


This is no way to treat purses and bags

I don't wear all of these.

I didn't do the keepsake post because I couldn't remember where I had put these darn boxes.  I guess I am going to have to work on those pretty soon.

So I pulled out all the clothes and got rid of everything that didn't fit or that I didn't wear anymore.  I also decided to change out one of the shelves.  You can't really see it but in the first horror show picture underneath all of the clothing is a long shelf.  It was useless in here because what can I store underneath the clothes?  So I took that shelf out and switched it with the closet on the left side of the room.  I'm not showing that closet because it is my craft disaster area that I have been slowly working on.  Anyway, I took a small shelf out of the craft closet and put it in this master closet where it can definitely be used.

Much better

Containerized Prada

I containerized the bags by either purpose or color.  The blue tub has brown purses and the green basket has the bigger canvas bags that the kids use for slumber parties and such.

More purses

Mostly tennis shoes

And yes.  Once again these closets have no doors.  I bought this place after it was foreclosed on and it was stripped bare by the previous owners.  Sadly, the doors are all odd sizes and I can't just go to Home Depot and buy standard doors.  I don't have the know-how to alter the sizes and I haven't taken the time to search the thrift stores or junk home stores that carry odd sizes.  Someday maybe.  :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mail Organization

Day 17: Mail Organization

Maybe I'm psychic but I actually began to do this yesterday (well technically about 2 a.m.) when I was awake and unable to sleep.  I noticed the giant stack of papers nearly falling off the shelf and decided to go through them.  So this "before" picture is actually after I sorted through another, even worse pile.

After but still before.  *shrug*

Here is the recycling I didn't put into recycling last night.

This box, while a bit tall is the perfect width for hanging file folders.  I am on the Dave Ramsey financial plan though so there is just no buying fancy containers right now.  (I am keeping an eye out for great sales though).

First thing I did was cut off the flaps with my utility knife.  Then I wrapped it with my pretty shelf paper.

The bottom won't be seen so its not finished.

Inside isn't seen either.


I went through the papers and already put them where they go.  It took me awhile to decide what files would best suit us.  I ended up with seven files.  

1-3: Each one of us gets one.  
4: My sister also gets one for her mail although she no longer lives with us.
5: To be filed.
6: Waiting for a response. These are documents I have mailed off and am expecting more to come.  
7: New mail.  I am hoping I can get my son, who also checks the mail, to put it here rather than in his backpack or on the table or in the fridge.  Yes that happened once while he was getting his after school snack.    

Just in case.

I made this during the desk organization.  

It holds bills that are due and not yet paid, my coupons and my favorite pink pad of paper that I use for grocery lists and coupon deal tracking.

No more unruly papers on this shelf.

Now I am off to class with no worries about searching for the money order I had misplaced at Christmas.    It is found and in my purse ready to go to the bank.

I hope you are finding as much peace with these organizational challenges as I am.  And maybe even a little extra money too.  :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another post about the fridge :)

Day 16 The Fridge

Is anybody else picturing William "The Refrigerator" Perry doing the Superbowl Shuffle?

He's #72 in case you didn't know.


Let's forget I said that, shall we?

I was very afraid of this challenge.  I have been putting off cleaning the fridge for WAY too long.


See Bear in the bottom right?  Every time this door opens she has to peek in.

I got to work.  I pulled everything out one shelf at a time, washing the shelves as I went.  My kitchen is really small so I have to kind of do everything in here in shifts.  :)  I ended up throwing away two, not one but TWO jars of pickle juice.  No pickles, just the juice was left.  Thanks for letting me know kids.  I tossed some questionable leftovers and did a quick mental plan of how to use the leftover rice and green chile's in tonight's dinner.

I did NOT take a picture of the nasty bottom of the fridge.  Trust me on this one.  None of you want to see what I saw.  Just picture the two worst spills you have ever seen and then imagine them having their very own drunken orgy.  THAT is what was in the bottom of the fridge under the crisper drawers.  I am pretty sure it was from one of the kids' "science" experiments.  They are always mixing things and sticking them in the fridge.  I definitely think one of them spilled and was not cleaned up.  It was just gross.  On top of this, I actually came home from school this morning after getting sick so I was doing all of this in between bouts of nausea.  (Picture me turning green while scrubbing away the green yuck.)

Much better.

We now have a shelf with just sandwich stuff.

Another shelf with condiments.

The butter drawer holds more than butter.

I containerized the mayo packets the kids take to school for their lunches.  My eye mask needed a home too.  I also keep the Toothprints our dentist made for us in here.  Her son volunteers with the local bloodhound search and rescue team so she knows how important this can be.  Every couple of years the kids' get new imprints taken just in case.

I have one for both kids and I pray I NEVER have to use them.

I also cleaned the outside and top of the fridge, throwing away at least 15 magnets.  They were either busted, torn or just so darn butt ugly that I didn't want to see them anymore.

This is what I kept.

Meet Chef Pigerre.

I save our produce stickers for an artist friend.

Keep me as the apple of your eye.  I ♥ this magnet.

And last but not least:

I keep this picture of my teenage (read skinny & flexible) self on the freezer so I am less likely to snack.

While I was at it I pulled the fridge out, swept and mopped underneath and behind it and then figured what the heck.  Might as well mop the whole kitchen.  Another reason to be glad it is so tiny.

I am glad I got this done but I am worn out.  It's only 11 am and I am off to take a nap.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Laundry Closet re-do

Todays challenge is under the bathroom sink.  Well, I did that on Saturday along with the medicine cabinet.  So my sis came over and helped with this major overhaul of my laundry storage.

Please head on over to my other blog to see what we just did with the laundry closet.

It is amazing!

I lost the shelving and that storage but this is so much better.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bathroom overhaul

I started with the medicine cabinet as today's challenge suggested.  But then I took a look around and figured why not?  I mean, I was already there, I had all the cleaning supplies and I actually wanted it to look good so I decided to organize the shelf, under the sink, the drawers and give it a good scrubbing.

Unorganized and messy.

I didn't keep any of this.  They were all empty.

After: Cleaning stuff, extras and bubble bath.  That's it.

After: Much better.

I don't wear much make-up but it is containerized anyway.  :)

After: Grouped and clean. 

There is not a whole lot of medicine in this cabinet.  I have two prescriptions from my root canal last month, some bag balm for dry skin, Ibuprofin, Benadryl for my allergic friends (we have two cats and a dog) and some homeopathic pink eye remedy.  I decided to put all my ankle wraps and ice packs in here as well.  

It seems so empty.

Wicker basket: has all my bandanas. 

White basket: Manicure/pedicure stuff

Green Basket: Rubberbands, barrettes, bobby pins etc...

I also got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed that floor until it shined.  As I was doing it all I could think was how proud my mom would be.  She never wanted us to use mops, just a bucket and a rag.  It only took 35 years but I must say I have to agree it looks a lot better than when I mop that sucker.  I also wiped down the walls (inside the bathroom and out) the light switches and the door and handles.  

After all that, I am kind of glad this wasn't a major organization project like I was expecting.  I don't mind the break at all.