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Friday, December 31, 2010


I will not make any New Year Resolutions.  Those are sure to be utter failures and I just don't need anything else to be down on myself about.

This year I am setting a couple goals for myself.

1.  I will start using coupons.

The one place I have any control over in my budget is in the area of groceries.  I can start spending less if I start paying attention to some basic coupons. I know too many people who say that it is possible to never pay for deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste & other necessities.  I don't eat the boxed foods anymore so a lot of those coupons are worthless to me but perhaps I can get some freebies for the food bank or homeless group I work(ed) with through church.

2.  I will not get another C.

This is going to mean I have to do some serious studying, get a tutor and work on my study skills but it is definitely possible.

3.  I will start a vacation fund.

This is for two different vacations.  I am going to take my kids to Disney World.  They are the perfect ages to go and that is a memory I really want us to have. Also, my mom had the idea that us girls should take a trip in 2013.  Just us girls, no spouses and no kids.  We will each write our dream foreign destination on a popsicle stick and the one that is drawn is where we will go.  Minimum of 4 days.  I am so excited!

4.  I will not eat fast food more than once per month.

This is a personal goal.  I spend too much money eating that crap and I need to stop.  My cholesterol is up again and this is the only thing that has changed.  I was eating WAY too much fried ick.

Do you have any goals for the upcoming year?

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