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Monday, September 13, 2010

What we did the last 2 weeks of summer vacation

First, that sounds like the beginning to an elementary school essay.  Sorry about that.  What I have discovered is that the kids and I did a whole lot of nothing this summer thanks to my wonky ankle.  Read about that here.

We did however head for Michigan to meet up with my sissy.  Oh, and to celebrate Grandma's 75th birthday, but mainly, it was so that I could see MonkyMama.

We had a blast!  And by we, I actually mean the kids and I.  The kids got to roam approximately 10 acres (oftentimes unescorted), swim in a pond, hunt for frogs, drive Papa's golf cart, swim in Lake Michigan, and in general, act like kids.  I got to visit my sister and my favorite Tía (did you know my name is not actually Tia, but that is what all my nieces/nephews and the occasional sister call me?  It means aunt in spanish), visit with my Grandma (who is rapidly becoming a grumpy old lady), and spend some time with my Dad (who has been a grumpy old man for some time now).

Enjoy some pictures of our adventures.

That's a whole lotta Mexican ladies.

That's sissy & my Dad.

The cousins water battle.

Papa's tricked out golf cart.

Kiwi playing in his pool.

The girls were being mermaids.

My little girl is beautiful.

This guy actually pulled a bag of sandwiches out of my beach bag.

Yes I swam too.

My son racing into the waves.

They wore themselves out!

Next post will be about our spur of the moment trip to Texas for Labor Day Weekend.

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