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Monday, September 20, 2010

Race to TX and back

Everybody knows that Labor Day Weekend is usually 3 days long right?

Wrong.  For some reason, this surprises me EVERY year.  The kids get three days off of school.  I actually get a three day weekend (normally I work every Saturday).  I get a three day weekend from my school.  So, I decided that I really needed to take the kids down to Amarillo to visit their father's family.

For my family that is reading this and yelling at their computer screen, something along the lines of "EFF THAT!  You already raise those kids if they want to see YOUR kids..."  Feel free to feel that way, Lord knows I do every now and then, but please respect my decision to do what I thought was right and keep your comments to yourself and out of my comment section.  Thank you!

So, I did some online googling and rented a car (the most expensive part of our trip).  We packed up a couple days ahead of time.  I have decided I can no longer do the rushing around, packing the day before.  It drives me nuts.  We had the car loaded, our food/snacks/cds waiting by the door and managed to get to sleep by 11 pm.  We got up about 3 am Saturday morning and were listening to Willie Nelson singing "On the Road Again" by 4:15.  We stopped once for breakfast in Lamar, CO (fast food) otherwise we were in that car unless I needed to fill up or the kids needed to pee.  I am not going to go on about the horrible construction (we drove thru eastern CO/OK into TX, just know that it was awful!

We were at their Tía Crystal's place around 11 am (CO time) although I did have to have her husband meet us in town and follow him to their house.  I got lost.  They visited her & their cousins for about 45 minutes and then we were off again to Amarillo.  (Another hour & 15 minutes in the car).  The kids' great-grandparents invited us to stay with them so I saved some serious money by not getting a hotel room.

The kids spent Saturday night with their Memaw, Papaw & Uncle (Daddy's mom & stepdad); Sunday was afternoon with Grandpa & Grandma (Daddy's father & stepmom), Tía & cousins, back to great-grandmas that night and we headed home Monday morning around 10 ish.

Once again, we didn't make it out to the cemetery to visit their Daddy but this time it was because the kids didn't want to go.  Neva is having a very difficult time understanding why her Daddy is dead and other kids get to at least see their Dads (she is a bit pissed at God for this one---join the club) and Kelen makes a couple comments a week about POS drug addicts & alcoholics and he is in a very angry place towards his Dad.  Let me tell you, taking those kids down there with their already hurting hearts was not the easiest thing in the world for this Momma but it did give us another chance to talk about what they are feeling and I think that is the most important thing I can do for them.  As much as I would like to pretend Texas doesn't even exist (for my own selfish reasons) I try to do what is best for my little monsters.  Teaching them to stay connected to their feelings (good and bad), stay connected with their Dad's family (good and bad) and teaching them to stay true to themselves is my job, right?

Kelen and Uncle AJ playing on the computer.

Cousins snacking after a water fight.

Watching a movie with great-granny & great-grandpa.

Labor Day Weekend traffic home.  ugh

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kathryn said...

UGH on that traffic. But YAY for the whole rest of the post.

Ya done good there, Mommy. It absolutely was the right thing to do...and even though you dearly paid the price of all those miles in the car, the kids will never forget the visit, I'm sure.

And you'll have no regrets. Name of the game, baby....

Lily Johnson said...

Nice pics except for the traffic bit. I am sure you guys had a swell time especially the kids. Lovely post.

Tia said...

Kathryn: That traffic was very ugh. We moved about 2 miles in 1 1/2 hours. AWFUL!! I am all about living with no regrets. They just aren't worth it. :)

Lily: Thanks for stopping by. We really did have a good time. Tiring but fun.

Anonymous said...

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