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Saturday, July 10, 2010


I am not a klutz.  Seriously.  I don't fall down a lot.  I rarely slip, even on icy surfaces (good thing cuz Colorado can get pretty slippery).  That said.

These stairs took me out!  Or to be more precise, the crap my 8 year old left on the stairs (after my repeated yells to put it away!) took me out.  I was headed out the door on Wednesday, didn't see the red, very slippery folder, stepped down on it and the next thing I knew I was on my ass.

Yes, I heard a pop.  Yes my vision went dark and to a very small pinpoint.  Yes I immediately felt like puking.  Yes it hurt as bad as giving birth, with no drugs, to a 10 lb. baby with a 14 1/2 inch head.  And yes, I do know exactly what that feels like.

Thank God my kids were there to help me.  Kelen helped me get my shoe and sock off.  The immediate swelling was not a good sign.  Amidst my cursing (lots & lots of cursing) I managed to tell my son to run to the neighbors and get me some help.

Said neighbor got me to the ER, watched the kids in the waiting room and then gave us a ride back home.  So very glad I know him and that he was home.  I don't have insurance and there was NO WAY I was paying for an ambulance.

Turns out nothing is broken.  A very bad sprain which means a few mildly torn ligaments.  Ouchie!  The next morning I drove myself to my chiropractor, he lent me some crutches and adjusted the ankle.  I headed to the natural grocery store for some herbal supplements and some fresh pineapple (helps reduce swelling).  This was a huge mistake.  I was hobbling along on the crutches, holding a bottle in each hand and had no way to grab the pineapple.  Pathetic.  By the time I managed to get back to my car, my foot was throbbing and I was near tears.

Sis took me back to see the chiro that afternoon after picking up my x-rays from the hospital.  He did another adjustment and ordered me to stay off my feet until Sunday morning.  There goes 3 days of pay.  :(

This is my view while icing my leg.  Thank God I shaved the night before this all happened.

My kids and sister grabbed me a huge stack of dvd's to watch while I am laying around doing a whole lot of nothing.

A wonderful lady from church brought us this delicious dinner Friday night.  She also volunteered to show me how to texture my walls and to climb up the ladder to finish my painting (seeing how I won't be climbing anything for awhile).

I stole wireless internet from one of my neighbors and watched 3 hours of VH1's  "100 Greatest songs of the 90's".  This was R.E.M.  I love them!

Now it is Saturday night.  I still hurt but the good news is that I can actually walk (if I wrap my leg SUPER TIGHT and put on my splint).  So glad cuz those darn crutches really hurt my armpits.

On the other hand, I was kind of enjoying hollering for the kids to refill my water, bring me my ice pack & watching them fold the laundry.  :)  Who's gonna tell them that Momma can move again?  Not me that's for sure.

Momma's update: Here is a picture of the ankle on day 1


MonkeMama said...

You should totally post that picture of your ankle. Ew.

Tia said...

I want to but I can't find the cord for my phone to computer. :) Typical me, I have lost something.