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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Negative Nelly (or Tia)

I feel I must apologize for my negative attitude of late.  I have been such a witch, and not just in my blog posts, facebook status' and other assorted online personalities.  My grumpiness has known no boundaries at home and work too.  

As I was sitting here, trying to catch up on others blogs I was so excited to see the rain clouds come rolling in. Most people like to complain about the rain (especially ruining summer plans).  Me?  Not so much.  I am just not a summer kinda gal.  99 degrees yesterday and 95 today is just too dang hot to actually DO much of anything.  At least, it is for me.  I haven't wanted to cook (the a/c is out), play outside with the kids (I feel like I will melt), or drive (the car was acting up).  This rain has pointed out my crap attitude to me.  So I think I will make a list of things that I am thankful for, as penance for focusing on the things I am not so thankful for.

1.  The rain for my garden, bringing cool air to make up for the lack of a/c. 

2.  A really great car guy recommended by a friend/neighbor.  Only charged me $450 for a job that 3 auto shops quoted an average of $1600.

3.  Pizza places that deliver when this tired momma doesn't want to cook.

4.  Skype.  I learned how to use this and LOVE the fact that I can see my sis as I chat with her.  

5.  Knuckles.  As in, my not quite 2 year old nephew holding his tiny, little fist up to the web cam so he can give his Tia "knuckles".  He also gives kisses which make my heart skip a beat.  

6.  A co-worker's vacation.  I am getting 27 extra hours of work next week which will go a long way towards paying off that car bill.

I can't make any promises about maintaining a positive outlook.  It's just not natural.

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Rebecca The Greeniac said...

I totally love the rain too. It feels like such a treat these days! Hope the gloom passes soon!