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Monday, June 14, 2010

Down in the dumps

Please bear with me.  Ever since my little sis moved across the freaking country to some tiny-town in Pennsylvania I have been down in the dumps.  I just haven't been able to pull myself out of this slump yet.

I pass the Starbucks where we would meet regularly and burst into tears.  I wanted to go to my favorite little mexican place "Mi Tierra" but couldn't stand the thought of eating there without her.  It's where we ate a LOT when she was preggers with her little man.  Missing him is just about killing me.  The fact that his not-quite-2 year old brain has already forgotten who I am makes me die a little bit inside.

I promise, I'll pull myself out of this and post some pics of the kids soon.  We have been doing stuff (they shouldn't suffer cuz I am).  Camping, Cub Scout day camp and the upcoming rocket launch etc...I have lots of pictures but no desire to post them just yet.

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