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Monday, May 31, 2010

Trees are cool

Kelen and his cousin decided to climb the giant tree in Nana & Papa's front yard.  Then they decided to try to get onto the roof of the house from the tree.  I don't think that Tia thinks this is a very good idea.  Better stretch those legs a bit further little man.Almost there.Tada!  My little guy is pretty darn proud of himself.    But how to get down?  It's a good thing Tio John is 6'8" tall.  This spot didn't work out.  The gutters were in the way and we couldn't afford for those to break.So he found a different spot and took a giant leap of faith.  I am so glad he caught him.  All I could think was, "please don't let my son fall, he already thinks most men aren't going to be there for him."    Safe in his Tio's arms.  Is it really the little things like this that will teach my son that he can rely on men to not let him down?  This is a topic that he brings up more and more.  It breaks my heart to hear my 10 year old make comments about loser dads, or saying that he doesn't need a father because his momma takes better care of him than "that man" ever did.  That man.  My baby refers to his father as "that man."  Makes me want to find a way to bring his father back to life just so that I can punch him in the nose.


kathryn said...

Oh, honey.

I'll bet your son will never forget climbing that tree into the clouds...and then standing on top of the world (well, the house). He looks damn proud of himself!

I'm sorry he's realized how his dad let him down. Somehow, he needs to separate himself from this, so he doesn't grow up to be one of those guys who uses their "unavailable" dad as a reason for their own shortcomings. I'm not sure how we make this happen...but I've got 2 sons who'll need the same miracle.

Maybe between the 2 of us, we can come up with something?

Great glad I got to see!

Tia said...

Oh man. If we could come up with a solution and somehow patent it/write a book/get on Oprah we could be rich! :)