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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Plans for time

I need more time in my day.  It's almost the end of another school year.  Not just for the kids, but myself as well.  This year is completely different though.  You see, on Thursday, May 13, 2010 I will finally have a college diploma.  :)  Yay me!  I am finally going to earn my Associates of Science.  Sadly, this feels like a letdown.  I have been working so hard and yet I realize how much further I have to go.  I am currently spending almost all of my free time studying for a microbiology final.  If you want to know about the bacteria that cause almost any disease, just ask me.

The sis is finally moved out of her house.  The past week and a half we have spent a lot of time over there helping her pack.  In a little less than a month she will be headed to Pittsburgh, PA.  :(  I can't even express how much I will miss her & her rugrats. 

The kids' field day is almost here.  That always marks the end of their school year.

At the end of May I should be hearing from CU Boulder as to whether or not I have been accepted into the Integrative Physiology program.  In that case, time seems to be dragging.

Hopefully, this summer will find me blogging more faithfully.  That is the plan.  Surely, with no classes to study for, I can find the time to do a bit more writing.

Thats the plan.

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