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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Meet my fridge

A few months ago, one of the blogs I read regularly "Green and Crunchy" asked her readers what was in their fridge.  At the time I was crazy busy with schools, preparing for finals, and getting ready for the amped up Christmas work hours and all the insanity that goes along with the month of December (I work in shipping).

So, now that my life is back to normal a regular schedule (and I am on vacation from school) I thought about it and grabbed my camera.  It just so happens that I had cleaned my fridge a couple days before (Thank God!).

Here is the outside of my fridge.  As you can see, I kind of have a thing for pigs.  That piggy cookie jar on the top is one of my favorites.  The Saltine can has nothing in it.  I keep it though because it belonged to my grandma.  Feel free to ignore the pizza box (I am).  

My fridge is ALWAYS covered in the kids' artwork.
Ok.  Here we go.  Time to open the door.

Top Shelf: 1 can of cat food waiting to be served for dinner.  They eat 1 can a day between the 2 of them.  A crockpot filled with baked beans.  I am determined to find a baked bean recipe that isn't too sweet.  1 jar of tomatoes, a jar of rice (I think), 1 ginormous tub of ranch dressing and some chocolate soymilk.  I don't usually buy the chocolate milk but it was in the clearance bin for $1.

Top drawer: 1 lonely block of cream cheese.  I think I bought it for a recipe but now Kel just eats it on his almond crackers.

Middle Shelf: 1 carton of eggs and my cold, filtered water.  Yes I keep it in the coffee pot carafe because I never use my coffee pot.

Bottom Shelf: Mike's Pomegranate Hard Lemonade that has been in the fridge since before Halloween.  Organic, romaine lettuce, 1 bottle of Zrii, a bowl of leftover salad from Dominos, giant tub of ketchup and my son's leftover dinner.  I think he was sent to bed early that night for fighting with his sister.

Crisper Drawer #1:  1 head of organic cabbage and 2 organic cucumbers.

Crisper Drawer # 2: 1 bunch of organic Swiss Red Chard

Now onto the door.  This is always filled with condiments.  We LOVE condiments as you can see.  Shall we give the door its close-up?

The ketchup bottle we refill, some cinnamon creamer & organic flax seed which I like to put into and on anything I can think of.  So good for us!

The Annie's bottle says it is a viniagrette but actually it is some leftover bbq sauce that I had nowhere to store because one of the kids lost the lid to the actual bbq bottle.

We love mustards!  Plus we just finished up the jar on the bottom right which was the kids great-grandma's homemade mixed berry jelly.  I can't wait til next summer when she sends us some more.

We really like jellies.  The organic mixed berry is from Sunflower Market (must've been on sale) and we LOVE LOVE LOVE the  quince preserves.

As we continue our journey we shall leave the fridge and head to its northern neighbor the freezer.  The freezer is a very tiny, actually itty bitty place but I have managed to cram stuff carefully arrange it with lots of goodies.

Freezer Door: Lots of baggies of little leftovers.  Hot dog buns (when did we last buy hot dogs!?), a plum, 2 bananas, an ice pack, 1 leftover pedialyte popsicle from when my nephew was here with a major fever, pine nuts, strawberries, jalepenos and one femur bone from my anatomy studies.  I need to thaw that sucker out and give it to the neighbor's dog.

Lots of goodies here.  The 2 tubs are homemade chicken stock, bananas, under those are some organic apricots.  Under the sausage are some organic green peppers and next to that is a bag of organic corn I cut off the cob while it was in season.

On the bottom are some organic cherries, chorizo, cut up bananas, and a giant pork shoulder waiting to be turned into homemade tamales.  What you can't see are the rest of my organic veggies from our CSA.  There is broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, peas, peaches, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries & some grapes.

As we are slowly cutting back on the meat we eat it is beginning to show in my fridge & freezer.  I am now only buying meat that is free-range, fed organically grown non-GMO foods and given no antibiotics.  That stuff is INSANELY EXPENSIVE so we have very little of it.  If I see it on sale I try to buy some but that is very rare.

So, I have exposed the very insides of my fridge.
What's in yours?


Kathryn said...

OMG! Okay...just a couple of things, sweetie:

1) Why isn't anyone eating all the bananas? Maybe no-one likes the bananas. Maybe you should stop buying so many bananas!

2) Remind me to check w/you before eating anything in your your fam seems to have a secret code for what's what. I understand the bbq sauce is in the salad dressing jar?

Finally, I'm glad you clarified that the cat food was for the CATS for dinner. I was confused for a minute there....

Great post!

Tia said...



1. We use the bananas in our morning smoothies. I just throw them in the freezer cuz the cats tend to bite them and I don't really like kitty slobber. :) I buy them whenever they are really cheap and toss them in there.

2. Yeah. It's always safer to ask before eating ANYTHING in our fridge. Could be nasty pouring bbq on a salad.

Thanks for stopping by!

MonkeMama said...

I have a dog over here that would love that femur bone! *urp*

Rodell said...

Hey, I just stumbled on a post of yours and mistakenly thought it was current. You were having a really bad day. I made a hey-hang-in-there comment. I'll try and stay more current in the future and keep my fingers crossed that things continue to improve.

And I note a depressing lack of Tabasco and other hot sauces in your fridge. Better get shopping!

Tia said...

I do need some more Hot Sauce. I just used the last of it on my popcorn a couple nights before this post. :)