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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I hate organization

It goes against my natural inclination. I am not an organized person. I have piles. I have piles on my piles and this works for me. Unfortunately it has begun to appear as if I should be on an upcoming episode of "Hoarders".


I am trying to avoid this. I have several excuses. Some of them are legit and some are just excuses. We DID have a flood. 6 months ago. I guess it is kinda like blaming my jiggly belly on baby weight. I just leave out the fact that my baby is almost 8 years old. That's how I roll. For me, there is absolutely no time limit on valid excuses. It was an initial cause and I tend to stick with it. Loyal, thats me...loyal to a fault?

One excuse for all the crap in my upstairs dining area was our flooded basement family room. All the stuff (books, pictures, games, camping stuff, Xmas stuff) was down there and now it is up. I had nowhere to put it. That excuse is getting old because I finally have a wall in the family room. Most of the flood repairs are done. I have actually begun the process of tearing down the wallpaper from that room and I am really hoping I get it painted and put back to "normal" before I go back to school in a week and a half. In the meantime the kids and I packed up all of the Christmas stuff and put it into some sturdy plastic tubs. I am waiting for the Christmas blankets to dry so that I can pack them away and the idea is to put all of this stuff into our crawl space. I may have to put away the Halloween decorations too. They are around here somewhere. Anyway...

I already began clearing out my bedroom closet (I have 2) for all of our craft stuff. I moved all of the clothing to the right closet and now have the left closet (with shelves) for the craft crap that I have. At this exact moment 1/2 of it is already put away and the other half is sitting at the top of my stairs in our hallway. :)

I have high hopes for this organizing project. But, in 3 months, if I invite you to a lovely lunch at McDonalds for my sons birthday party; well I guess we will all know the real reason I didn't invite you to my house. I'll just say I lost my organization checklist. Somewhere.

It'll be at the bottom of a pile.

UPDATE 1/11/10

I actually did it! All of the holiday tubs are in the crawl space. Thank God for brave sons who are willing to climb into dirty (literally, there is no floor just dirt) yucky crawl spaces for their momma's. :) We also went through all of our camping supplies put them away in a plastic tub. I even remembered to search all the drawers for stray plastic forks & spoons which are perfect for camping trips. HOORAY!!!

Now I sit waiting for my monkysis & her big ol vehicle so we can take the spare bed from dad, water filter I don't use, hardware for the vertical blinds I hated & took down & the nordic track I never used. It heads to the habitat for humanity store.


Kathryn said...

Aw. It sounds like you've already made some amazing progress, honey. Don't sell yourself short!

I'll leave something in a pile for months and then one day, I'll figure out where to put it and I'm SO a-happy!

Tia said...

Kathryn: As usual I have blogged and yet I sit here still looking at the Christmas boxes. :) Todays excuse (and yesterdays and the day before that? Its like -15 with the wind chill. I don't want to get out of bed. The kids have school & I am still on winter break, even have the week off of work. Sleep is so much more fun!

MonkeMama said...

I can help paint if it's a day I don't have the baby. You're not hoarder material, there is no rotting food in your house. Although there are those toilets...You can do it!!!!

Tia said...

Monk you just had to bring up the toilets didn't ya/ How long ahve you been waiting to find a place to fit that in to the comments? seriously. how long? :)