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Thursday, January 28, 2010


I tried not to blog about this topic.  I didn't want to put it out there into the blogosphere.  If they work things out you don't want written proof of how you really feel.  I was hoping (in vain), that the counseling would help, that he would choose his family over his job (where the bimbo is).  Perhaps he wasn't really a lying, cheating, P.O.S. posing as a loving, Christian man...but sadly it's not the way of the world, is it?  He is a donkeys ass.

I write on this blog because I cannot vent my feelings verbally as their children are constantly looking, listening, trying desperately to find out what I know. My kids love this man and look up to him.  Hell, my son wants to grow up to BE him.  After this, that will happen over my cold, dead body.

I have not even been pretending to be healthy since the news broke a couple weeks ago.  We have eaten more fast food "burgers" and fries than any family should probably eat in 1/2 a year.  I refuse to step on a scale.  My pants are tight and that is not good.  I did make a crockpot full of vegetarian chili.   The kids seem to like putting it on baked potatoes.  That is fairly healthy.  However, we ate that 3 days in a row and there is still some in the fridge.  I should probably freeze it.  I have been stopping at McDonalds every day to buy a large coke (they are any size for $1 right now).

I sat the kids down tonight to have a talk.

Mama: You guys know that you can talk to me about anything right?

Them: Yeah.

Ma: I want you to tell me how you are feeling about Tia & Tio.  It's not good to keep all those feelings inside, that's when we start to make really bad choices.

Th: Are they ever going to live together again?

Ma:  I just don't know guys.  Right now, it doesn't seem like it.

Kelen: E says Tio lied to Tia and that is really, really bad.

Ma: What did he say he was lying about?

Kel:  He was lying about eating good foods when he was really eating bad, junk stuff.

Ma: That may be true but people don't decide to end their relationships because one of them lies about food.

Kel: Then what did he lie about?

Ma: uhhhh.  Ummm.  *Ahem*

Neva: Does he still love us?

Ma: of course he does baby!  You will always be loved.

Them:  OK.  Can we have a double cheeseburger to share?


MonkeMama said...

Oh man, this is funny stuff. Where in the world would they get that?! I love them.

Tia said...

Apparently they got that from E. :)

Kathryn said...

(Flustered) I'm sorry, sweetie....I'm not sure who we're talking about! I don't want to pry...don't want to make assumptions or guesses on here...but?? if you can clear it up for me.

If not, I understand....and you have my condolences.

Tia said...

Thanks Kathryn. It is pretty much a full time suck-fest around here right now. One of the pitfalls of having an incredibly large, incredibly tight-knit (aka nosy) family. But on the other never have to go through ANYTHING by yourself.