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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Days

L made a delicious lemon meringue pie because she knows I don't like pumpkin. :)

Her pumpkin pie looks good too. But no, I didn't try it. It's a texture thing.

The gun show.

Super Chef made her awesome duchess potatoes. Here she is freezing the extras.

L is about to dive into the pink stuff.

Kiwi found something interesting in my purse.

Monkey read and ignored the insanity.

Puppy Neva was begging for dessert before dinner.

How does this freaking thing work!?!

Hoss & I loading up our plates. Looks great!

My momma is beautiful!

Kids table.

They put on a Thanksgiving play that they wrote themselves.

Tooter Pooter acting like she is in doggy jail.

Thanksgiving with the Reese family. Here is Grandma Lou with her newest great-grandbaby.

Uncle Joe & Aunt Ollie.

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