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Thursday, December 31, 2009

We did what last year!?!

I am posting a picture (if I can find it---I lost so many when my darn PC died), an idea I have stolen/borrowed from farmer's daughter. This is an easy way to look back over 2009 in blog form. :)


1st Day of School

I think Kelen's face pretty much says it all. Here is my interpretation: I hate moving and I am faking a smile for my stupid mother.


Birthday Pool

Yes I was as buzzed as I look. It was Hoss' b-day but they picked me up. My kids were spending the night with grandma M.


I don't generally post so many recipes but this one was really good. Even Kelen liked it and had seconds. As he is my picky eater I tend to judge my recipes based upon whether he eats it or not.

Spring Break in Pictures

This is a blog of pictures so I am not even going to try to post them all. :)

:( I did not blogging.
Very Busy Summer Break
Nevaeh's swim lessons. 5 days a week for 2 weeks.

I see a lot of bow & arrows in my future.
:( Another empty month. I am such a bad blogger.
More Summer busyness :):)

Eating something german at the Boulder Farmer's Market

A Real American Hero
Finally caved and took the kids to see the new-ish G.I. Joe movie. I have been waiting for about a month for somebody I know to see the movie & report back to me on its appropriateness for my kids.
Nicotine Free
Just a quick health update.

1. I had the flu. Don't ask me if it was H1N1; I have no idea nor do I care.
2. I was tested for nicotine use for my life insurance and finally


Cholesterol, lipoproteins & fats. Oh My!
Got the results of my life insurance blood tests in the mail yesterday. ALL of my levels are good.

Some Food for Thought

Clearly I am a very lazy blogger. I knew it had been awhile since I last posted but really!?! It's been almost 2 months. Oops. My bad. I kinda suck.

Sheesh. I really need to learn to commit to this blog. Why don't you (my faithful 3 readers) complain more? :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Days

L made a delicious lemon meringue pie because she knows I don't like pumpkin. :)

Her pumpkin pie looks good too. But no, I didn't try it. It's a texture thing.

The gun show.

Super Chef made her awesome duchess potatoes. Here she is freezing the extras.

L is about to dive into the pink stuff.

Kiwi found something interesting in my purse.

Monkey read and ignored the insanity.

Puppy Neva was begging for dessert before dinner.

How does this freaking thing work!?!

Hoss & I loading up our plates. Looks great!

My momma is beautiful!

Kids table.

They put on a Thanksgiving play that they wrote themselves.

Tooter Pooter acting like she is in doggy jail.

Thanksgiving with the Reese family. Here is Grandma Lou with her newest great-grandbaby.

Uncle Joe & Aunt Ollie.

Nerdy like me?

The kids participated in this year's school science fair. Nevaeh really wanted to. Kelen HAD to. All 4th, 5th & 6th graders have to do a project as a major portion of their science grade. Here is Kel pouring vinegar into a glass jar. He chose to do "How different acids affect a chicken bone".

His 3 acids? 1. vinegar 2. grapefruit juice 3. coke

Day 2. None of the bones are bending.

Day 3. The bone in the vinegar is very slightly softer. He can't actually bend it yet but there is a noticeable difference in the texture of the bone. So cool!

Nevaeh chose "How to flote an egg" (her spelling obviously). She is stirring salt into regular tap water.

Tadaaaa! It also worked by dissolving sugar in tap water.

Day 4. The bone from the vinegar bends in half! The bone in the coke did not bend at all (although it was stained black ewww) and the bone in the grapefruit juice also became softer. I accidentally broke it at the end by bending a little too hard. I think with another day or 2 of soaking it would have bent just like the one in the vinegar. But like I said, Kel was NOT really into this experiment so he didn't want to put in the extra days. :(

He got an A.

Halloween pictures

Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? Monkey that's who. I donned this costume and hid behind the door and this is what she saw when she walked onto my back patio. Mwahahahaha!

The three, little musketeers. A wizardy type person, a witch & a dragon warrior.

Ready for battle.

Prettiest, purple witch you will ever see.

He didn't want to wear the pumpkin head as we were trick or treating because he couldn't we called him a wizard instead. :)

The most adorable little grumpy horse ever.

I just love Nevaeh's purple hair. It took several days to wash out completely.

This was the COOLEST house we saw! There were dismembered doll heads in this tree. Freaky.

He practically trick-or-treated all by himself!

Check out the death grip he has on his pail.

Fall camping trip

Kelen and I went on a camping trip this fall. It was postponed once because we got a major snowstorm and it was too cold. Let me tell you, it was still a bit nippy when we finally did get to go. Here is Eli waiting with some other Scouts, ready to head down to the flag ceremony.

This was our first activity. We hiked about a mile at 8am to get to the branding station. The boys made name badges. We were definitely still needing our coats, I would say it was around 40 degrees out with some nice, cold wind

Look at that flame. This is a nice shot if I do say so myself. :)

They are very big on safety. The branding iron went straight into the forge to stay hot for the next Scout.

Isn't that a cool name badge? It is still hanging on his wall.

This was probably one of the busiest stations. We got homemade rootbeer and some of the Boy Scouts were making fresh funnel cakes.

We did a LOT of hiking!

Here was Kelen's favorite station. BB gun shooting range.

This is the crevasing station. Here is the view from the top (where I stayed).

That is a looonnng way down. At least it seemed that way to the mom (me) standing on the edge of the giant rock staring down through a camera lens.

Once Kelen shimmied his way through this little crack I didn't see him again for 30 minutes. Apparently the paths through the boulders wind around for several miles. No worries, there were Boy Scout guides down there in case somebody got lost (several did) and several dads jumping around on the top of the boulders shouting aerial directions. :)

They got to learn about different horses but couldn't ride. :(

Tio John was teaching the boys about fire safety and how to start a fire. Is it just me or is that flame a bit too close to my sons head for this to be considered safe?

What I don't have a photo of is me trying to get dressed & into my mummy sleeping bag freezing my whoozits off. It got down to below 30 that night, Kelen abandoned me to camp out with a buddy and I realized that my tent is for summer camping. It doesn't close all the way on the sides...they are open netting. I'll bet that will be nice in the summer when I WANT a nice cool breeze floating through my tent. However, in Colorado in the mountains during October the last thing I wanted was MORE cold air inside. I was in thermal underwear, sweats, wool socks, wool sweater with thermal underwear, hat and gloves. Once I wrapped up in that mummy bag which is made to keep you warm all the way down to 0 degrees; I was snug as a bug in a rug. Except for my nose which I had to keep uncovered so that I could breathe.

My other mistake...I put up my tent in the dark and didn't realize that I was on a slight incline. Once I was in that silky sleeping bag I quickly discovered the problem. I kept sliding down to the door of my tent. It was definitely a learning experience for me.

I learned that I love my son a whole lot to put up with this kind crap. :) He is worth every second of my discomfort though because he had a blast and can't wait for our next camping trip. Hopefully it won't be until after the spring thaw.