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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cholesterol, lipoproteins & fats. Oh my!

Got the results of my life insurance blood tests in the mail yesterday. ALL of my levels are good. Every level is within "normal" parameters. So, what is the problem you say?

My freaking cholesterol. My total cholesterol is fine, not high (like I thought it would be). Unfortunately my ratio of HDL to total cholesterol is all wonky. My HDL is too low. HDL is the "good" cholesterol. Basically that means that it is the type of fat molecule that carries the other fats (including "bad" cholesterols) through the blood vessels, which keeps them from sticking to the walls of the vessels where they will cause all sorts of problems (like heart attacks & high blood pressure).

My options?
1. Regular cardio-exercise
2. Weight loss
3. Quit smoking
4. Reduction of fat intake

I already did #3. :) Yay me!

The numbers don't lie. I have some serious work to do.


I guess I better get my fat ass away from this computer and go for a walk.