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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Real American Hero

Finally caved and took the kids to see the new-ish G.I. Joe movie. I have been waiting for about a month for somebody I know to see the movie & report back to me on its appropriateness for my kids. Well, I got tired of waiting









And much to my was ok. Now this is an incredibly cheesy movie; I am not saying it is great cinema, and it is very action-packed. A LOT of violence. It's an army movie so I was expecting that. Lots of car crashes, explosions, ninja fighting (which means a lot of stabbings & throats being cut) but while it was clear what was happening there was no blood spurting across the screen. The only thing scary was a preview for some upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio movie (I made the kids turn around while it was playing).

My favorite thing about this film though. There was no sex scene! That is important so let me repeat it.

There was no sex scene. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to whomever made this show. I won't let my kids watch Transformers or Ironman because of all of the gratuitous sexual nonsense that fills the screen. While there are tight form-fitting outfits for the women (& some serious cleavage) the men were actually wearing the same thing (minus the cleavage). For once it didn't seem as if the women were incapable of doing their job (being a soldier) because they were too busy traipsing around in 5" heels & teeny skirts. The men & women kick some serious a**, say some cheesy lines (including YO JOE!) & save each others butts more than once.

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