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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Nevaeh is fully recovered from her 1st concussion.

The child climbed up on top of my vanity in order to pull down wallpaper. Yes she did have my permission to pull wallpaper off the walls. No she did not have my permission to climb on top of my vanity. I saw her & said "You better get down before you fall & get hurt."

30 seconds later...


I hear a thud. I see my daughter laying on the floor. She was stunned but looked ok. I loved on her for a few minutes (there was no crying), checked for bumps, made sure she could move all appendages & then got into the shower to get ready for church.

less than 5 minutes later...

*Blerghhhh* Nevaeh starts to vomit. & vomit again. & again.

Off to the E.R. we go. CT of her head. She did not break her brain. She did not break her head. Tylenol & rest are the cure. :)

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