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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The 5K ass project

I am looking forward to this. As many of you know I have been changing the way I eat (or trying to anyway.) I have also been exercising more regularly & just trying to be more active. When I stumbled across this at I just had to join in.

Basic idea. Post a picture of a body part on your blog. It can be any body part you choose. I have not decided which body part I shall be showing...just yet. Personally, my fave body part(s) are the girls...see that hint of a tat peeking out. :P

But...not the body part I shall showcase as I will be too sad to watch them shrinking as I take part in the ass project. Anyway. I digress. From now on Fridays shall be my ass project day. I will post the exercising I have done for the previous week and post the picture of my chosen body part.

Stay tuned.

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