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Sunday, July 27, 2008

thoughts for today

  • I lost another pound this week.
  • insomnia is back
  • i am still pining for a baby of my own
  • i need to start looking for new apartments/houses...i wanna move in october
  • school starts in less than 2 weeks for the kids :)
  • fuck you & your untouchable face :) great freakin' song lyrics
  • my cats are pouting because i have been spending so much time at monkeys house
  • i need to buy canned cat food & kitty litter but i am freaking broke
  • i need to buy school supplies for the kids
  • my car is acting up
  • i am 3 days behind in my bible reading...i have stayed at monkeys house for the past 4 days ...coincidence? :)
  • i made an awesome homemade tomato soup today. it was so very good & so very healthy but i also cheated & had a grilled cheese sandwich
  • i am heading out to have a cigarette as soon as i am done with this list :)
  • i am so in love with my new superhero nephew! he is amazingly adorably awesome!

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