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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 7

Today is day 7. I did not blog yesterday, day 6, because I was at the hospital with Monkey. She delivered a beautiful 8lb 13oz baby boy I shall now call superhero. He is gorgeous. I cheated on my detox & paid desperately for it. Bad food now = the shits. YUCKO!

So for today. I got up and drank my lemon water. I actually enjoy this now. At first I thought it would make me ill as I generally HATE any type of flavoring in my water. My zrii showed up today, via UPS so I shall add some of that to my juice this afternoon. I took a quick shower & then juiced my watermelon. Now I have enough for today & tomorrow. I used my mocajete to grind some chia seeds and I added 1 TBSP to my watermelon juice per detox instructions. This is what I want to talk about. My little sis L told me "they aren't bad." She told me to soak them and when I went to drink them I wouldn't "even notice them. They get gelatinous."


That is not a word I want associated with my foods. I don't like boba. I don't eat tapioca. I don't eat the nasty skin that forms on the top of pudding. Hell I don't really like Jello because the of the nasty-ass gelatinous texture. urp!

Do you see what those nasty little, gelatinous, mothertruckers are doing to my delicious watermelon juice? They gooped my shit all up! URP!! Looks like snot to me. I am not a chia seed fan, let me tell you. My tummy is now rumbly & I am forcing myself to drink this goop.

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