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Saturday, May 31, 2008


So innocent & sweet? Is it just me or does it look like my daughter was plotting against me even as an infant?

Let me explain my obvious lack of maternal lovingkindness at this moment. Nevaeh was grounded on April 11 for throwing a rock at a car. Well, not so much grounded as restricted. She was not allowed to go outside to play unless Momma was right out there with her (or someone else I could trust to keep an eye on her.) So I finally felt she had earned it & I gave her back the privilege of acting like a 6 year old and being trustworthy enough to play outside (in our yard) without direct adult supervision.

3 days later she throws rocks at 2 neighborhood kids, hitting one of them in the head.


I am incredibly frustrated. I just want to stay in bed because if I do that then I do not have to be Momma. I am just me, sleeping, hiding under the covers. My children are not alone, being ignored by their evil monster of a mother. Kelen was watching a movie in the living room and Nevaeh was drawing & coloring pictures by the side of my bed.

Is that really so wrong?

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