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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Disappearing plastic

Have you ever noticed how much of our groceries come in plastic? Recently I have. I am trying to rid our home of plastic, as some of you may know. I am taking baby steps.

1. We no longer use our plastic dishes. Just the ceramics. I have kept the plastic ones however for when we go least until I can get some good stainless steel dishes.

2. I have taken our plastic kiddie cups to the Goodwill. I offered them on Freecycle but had no takers so I am donating them. I do still need to get some smaller child size drinking glasses. All we have right now are my precious Red Wings glasses and I shall cry if (not when) these get broken. You just cannot replace Red Wings stuff out here in Wings-hater country.
Note: Ok...later this day I went to the store & bought new drinking glasses. :) yay!

3. I am buying all of our fruits & veggies loose. This is actually difficult and expensive which is ridiculous! I have to pay 4x as much for loose potatoes as I would for a 5lb plastic bag full of the little suckers. Same for carrots. Bulk, organic carrots & potatoes just don't seem to EVER go on sale but those darn little plastic baggies of pre-peeled baby carrots are on sale every other week. ARGH!! Now that it is summer I should be able to find some good, organic, locally grown loose lettuce at a Farmer's Market. Thank goodness! I am tired of iceberg because all the Romaine is sold in plastic bags or tubs.

4. Organic, locally milled stone-ground flours are available in bulk at my local Natural Grocer. These do come in plastic bags BUT they will recycle & reuse them if I take them back when I am done. This is better than nothing.

5. I finally found a natural bar soap, comes wrapped in paper that provides a wonderful scent AND lather. No more bottles of body wash for us. Yay! :)

6. I got rid of our plastic water & sports bottles & bought 3 SIGG stainless steel ones. We adore these. I have been saving for them as they are expensive. $20 each. But they have a 10 year guarantee and they really do keep my water cold for about 3 1/2 hours (even in a hot car.) Besides, I used a portion of my economic stimulus rebate so TADAAAAA!!! I contributed to our President's moronic plan to keep us out of a depression. I did my part...don't blame me when it all falls to crap.

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