Healthy body, healthy spirit, healthy mothering. This is the journey I have set out on with my two amazing children.

Saturday, May 31, 2008


So innocent & sweet? Is it just me or does it look like my daughter was plotting against me even as an infant?

Let me explain my obvious lack of maternal lovingkindness at this moment. Nevaeh was grounded on April 11 for throwing a rock at a car. Well, not so much grounded as restricted. She was not allowed to go outside to play unless Momma was right out there with her (or someone else I could trust to keep an eye on her.) So I finally felt she had earned it & I gave her back the privilege of acting like a 6 year old and being trustworthy enough to play outside (in our yard) without direct adult supervision.

3 days later she throws rocks at 2 neighborhood kids, hitting one of them in the head.


I am incredibly frustrated. I just want to stay in bed because if I do that then I do not have to be Momma. I am just me, sleeping, hiding under the covers. My children are not alone, being ignored by their evil monster of a mother. Kelen was watching a movie in the living room and Nevaeh was drawing & coloring pictures by the side of my bed.

Is that really so wrong?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Holy Crow Eco-Batwoman!

Oh My Gosh! I finally finished that lovely little shampoo bar. In case you don't remember I bought and started using that shampoo on March 18. I ran out yesterday so that bar lasted me 2 1/2 months! Can your plastic bottle of shampoo last you that long?!? I hardly think so. I am so excited I may just pee a little. Wait, kegels are paying off. :) So I am an official addict. We shall buy shampoo bars wrapped in paper from now on. Now I just need to find a eco-friendly holder for the bar so that the kids don't drop it down on the tub floor & wash it all down the drain. Hmmmmm. Any ideas?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

4 Black Thumbs=sad little garden

Dreaming of fresh, homegrown, organic veggies. I shall can them and eat my wonderful vegetables throughout the harsh Colorado winter. So my sister & I get the brilliant idea to plant a garden. She is very pregnant so I went over to her house & we find a spot. It is full of weeds so I drag out some shovels & a rake & I get to work. I pull weeds. I dig up the dirt to about 18" deep. This is what the books I have read all recommend. Ok. No problem.

We buy some organic, heirloom tomato plants for only $3.99 at the Natural Grocers. Awesome.

I plant the plants. Not so awesome. They are droopy. They are tilting precariously, held up by only a stake. So much for our glorious dreams of fresh homegrown veggies & salad makins.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Disappearing plastic

Have you ever noticed how much of our groceries come in plastic? Recently I have. I am trying to rid our home of plastic, as some of you may know. I am taking baby steps.

1. We no longer use our plastic dishes. Just the ceramics. I have kept the plastic ones however for when we go least until I can get some good stainless steel dishes.

2. I have taken our plastic kiddie cups to the Goodwill. I offered them on Freecycle but had no takers so I am donating them. I do still need to get some smaller child size drinking glasses. All we have right now are my precious Red Wings glasses and I shall cry if (not when) these get broken. You just cannot replace Red Wings stuff out here in Wings-hater country.
Note: Ok...later this day I went to the store & bought new drinking glasses. :) yay!

3. I am buying all of our fruits & veggies loose. This is actually difficult and expensive which is ridiculous! I have to pay 4x as much for loose potatoes as I would for a 5lb plastic bag full of the little suckers. Same for carrots. Bulk, organic carrots & potatoes just don't seem to EVER go on sale but those darn little plastic baggies of pre-peeled baby carrots are on sale every other week. ARGH!! Now that it is summer I should be able to find some good, organic, locally grown loose lettuce at a Farmer's Market. Thank goodness! I am tired of iceberg because all the Romaine is sold in plastic bags or tubs.

4. Organic, locally milled stone-ground flours are available in bulk at my local Natural Grocer. These do come in plastic bags BUT they will recycle & reuse them if I take them back when I am done. This is better than nothing.

5. I finally found a natural bar soap, comes wrapped in paper that provides a wonderful scent AND lather. No more bottles of body wash for us. Yay! :)

6. I got rid of our plastic water & sports bottles & bought 3 SIGG stainless steel ones. We adore these. I have been saving for them as they are expensive. $20 each. But they have a 10 year guarantee and they really do keep my water cold for about 3 1/2 hours (even in a hot car.) Besides, I used a portion of my economic stimulus rebate so TADAAAAA!!! I contributed to our President's moronic plan to keep us out of a depression. I did my part...don't blame me when it all falls to crap.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

weight loss update

I have lost 14 lbs so far. This is by working out to a dvd every couple days & just trying to be more active with the kids. I am also not eating seconds at dinner, rarely eat breakfast anyway so no change there, & lunch is either a sandwich or some soup with Neva. Trying to drink more water but this past week I have been depressed so I have drank a lot of pop. Ate my whole emergency free-trade, organic dark chocolate stash as well. I dug up part of the garden at Monks today & plan to finish tomorrow after church. Let me tell you that is one heck of a workout. Kids wanted to help but mostly they were just chopping off the tops of the weeds and I finally had to tell them to stop "helping" me.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

hooray for being a nerd!

What a glorious day! I woke up this morning to an absolute downpour of rain. Hooray! I did not have to raise my voice (too much) to get the kids moving and ready for school. Mom has Nevaeh so I am home reading blogs & relaxing. Hooray! I fixed my vacuum (broken belt) all by myself and my home is clean. Hooray! I got to play with my cats (I have been staying at Monkeys all week to help her out.) Hooray! And here is the best part of all...ready?

I figured out my grade in chemistry and I can get a 62% on the final next Monday and I would still have an 'A' in the class. Hooray!!

Being a total nerd and turning in all of the homework, getting good grades on the labs and 'A's on my previous tests has finally paid off.

Now, mind you, I would never be willing to settle for a 'd' on a test. That would probably cause me to break out into hives and start hyperventilating. I will still study for the final but I don't have to cram. I don't have to stress over the grade. I don't have to worry about it! Hooray!

Friday, May 02, 2008

May 9

I got completely blindsided this morning. Too early. I was checking my email and I got a reminder from my e-card site that Dads birthday is on May 9. Now, I am already very aware of when dads birthday is. It is marked on all of my calendars with a sad face. But I was determined to be ok right up until his actual birthday. I have no classes that day and I already took the day off from volunteering at the kids' school so that I could just chill at home and pretty much avoid the world.

Crappity Crap Crap.

Stupid email reminders. Now I have to go in and delete my dad so that this doesn't happen to me next year. This will be the first of anything Dad-related that I have erased. He is still in my email address book. He is still in my phone with a work number (even though I have transferred phones since he died.) Mom's new house is still listed under "Mom & Dad" so that I see his name whenever I get a call. He is still in both of my photo accounts to automatically send pictures of my kids. He is listed in all of my address books, the one in my car, the one in my purse & the one I keep on my desk.

I am just not ready to delete dad.