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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I need more rope

I am at the end of mine. My kids are making me nuts. My daughter is testing me at every freaking opportunity she can. This is fairly normal I am sure but I just want to scream. Kelen is screwing up in school. He is not doing so good in his math and according to him it is because I do not do flash cards with him everyday. So now, in addition to spelling tests every other day, helping him with his "normal" homework I apparently need to be doing flash cards with him 5x a week. Yeah, cuz I have the time for this.

None of this is their fault. I am sooo freaking busy right now I feel like I am going 90mph and there is no end in sight. I have a chem lab practical tomorrow which is essentially my lab final. I need to study. I have chem homework, about 15 more problems to do, due Monday. I have 30 workbook pages due on Thursday plus a translation for spanish. I have the workbook about 50% done and I have not even looked at the translation yet. Plus I still need to write my portion of a group presentation for spanish (in spanish).

Kelen has a cub scouts bike rodeo tonight which means I am cooking dinner right now (the potatoes just boiled over actually) and the meatloaf is in the crockpot. The scouting stuff will be from 6pm until probably 8pm and then it is time for showers, bedtime stories, taking care of the cats & dishes so I should be sitting down to study by 9:30pm.

I also seem to have an ant problem here in the apartment. Taking care of the little pests takes so much longer when you choose to use non-toxic methods. I pulled out the fridge this am, swept & mopped with ammonia. After it dried I sprayed some white vinegar down and let it dry. I saw another ant by the cat food about 20 mins ago so I watched where the litle bugger went, then vacuumed his entire trail from the catfood to the sink, mopped the floor again & sprayed more vinegar. If I can find where they are entering I will put down some bay leaves, cinnamon or chili powder, they are all supposed to work. I can't use the borax because of the cats.


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