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Friday, April 11, 2008

Apoplectic Purple

On days like today I absolutely loathe being a single mom. Nevaeh has been full of piss & vinegar all dang day. She continually acted out in the store (I had several errands to run). She kept touching things...let's see what did she touch? the printers in office max, candy & gum & pillows & bath stuff at K-mart.

She has been arguing with her brother non-stop since she woke up this morning. Actually the booger child woke me up at 6:30am because she wanted her cereal to be poured before his. Now this would aggravate me on a normal day but this morning I did not have to be up that early. The kids didn't have school until 9am. I seriously hate being woken up on days I am supposed to be able to sleep in.

When we got home, we cleaned out the car. I was trying to make room in the trunk for both kids' bikes because my plan was to take them to Bicycle Village to get new tubes put in. This is another single mom annoyance. I don't know how to change bicycle tire tubes so I have to pay somebody to do it for me. Turns out Kelen's bike is too large to fit in my trunk. Dangit! Another little annoyance but not anybodys fault. Nevaeh brought in her bible, one lonely pink bunny slipper, a book she had in the car & her toy keys. When I get into the house I find these items plopped in the middle of my living room floor. "PICK THESE UP NEVAEH GRACE RAMON & GET THEM PUT AWAY. PUT THEM WHERE THEY GO NOW!!!!" 5 minutes later, my precious little blessing is eating her lunch and I go into her room and what do I find?!? I see her bible, one lonely pink bunny slipper, the book & her toy keys IN THE MIDDLE OF HER BEDROOM FLOOR! *now I am a lovely shade of apoplectic purple* This being the color I imagine a person turns when something ruptures in their brain.

Okay I need a break so I go calm myself down (after throwing away said items-well the bible is just put up). I apologize to my daughter for yelling at her and tell her & her brother to go outside and play, Momma clearly needs a time out. 20 minutes later I hear the unmistakable stomping of young elephants racing down my stairs. What has my daughter done now?

She threw a rock at a car. Let me repeat that. She threw a rock at a car.

This is the end of my day and it is only 2:30pm. I quit. By the time I get outside the gentleman has left. Punishments are flying left & right.

1-No birthday party tomorrow. And it is a Hannah Montana party, but as I explained, children that behave like 18 month old toddlers and make crappy choices don't get to enjoy Hannah Montana birthday parties. Young toddlers are not allowed to play with the big kids.
2-She got a spanking.
3-She has no outdoor privileges unless an adult is right there with her. As I do not own a bicycle this means I don't have to spend my money on fixing her bike tire. She can't ride without me therefore she cannot ride.
4-She does not get to spend the night at Grandma's this weekend.
5-She is currently sitting on the floor behind my desk chair. This is where she shall remain until she chooses to apologize & ask for forgiveness. I believe that this will be happening sometime after Hell hosts the next Winter Olympics.

I only wish she had a father coming home to help me deal with this. Well, actually to stay home with the kids while I run away to the nearest Barnes & Noble and/or Starbucks. But woohoo! This is my lucky day! I get to deal with this on my own. Yeah baby! I just love being a single mother today!

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Anonymous said...

I had to read this again because it's actually quite a funny post. Not V's behavior of course. I am very proud of you for not skinning her alive.