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Friday, March 28, 2008


This is my hair. I did it again. I cut my hair. Went to Great Clips and told the lady I wanted my hair "somewhere around my shoulders." We decided to cut it off in a ponytail so that I could donate to Locks of Love. Anybody out there with 10" or more hair to cut off can donate. They make wigs for kids that lose their hair due to cancer. Anyway, it needs to dry before I can mail it away. It is currently in the linen closet because the cats seem to think it is a brand new toy for them. I don't have any pictures of what I look like with the new hair but eventually I will get one and post it.

Oh and if you get your hair cut at Great Clips (like I did) they don't charge if you are donating it to Locks of Love. I did not know this when I decided to go there and unfortunately I had no cash on me. I had to go home, get some money and return so that I could tip the lady that did my hair. :) FYI.

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