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Friday, March 14, 2008

A Good Day

So I haven't written about Kel's birthday party yet...sorry about that. I can't get the darn pictures to upload (which is incredibly frustrating). Anyhow, I will get to that sometime this week, I think.

Nevaeh & I went grocery shopping today. Found some decent organic chicken & beef on sale. Woohoo! We also got a couple of cans of organic soups, just enought for a few lunches as my plan is to start making soup in the crockpot and that will be my lunch each day (Neva likes sandwiches & salads). I was also a bad earth-momma and bought 3 boxes of packaged organic mac n cheese. Yes it is organic, which is good, but it is a pre-packaged meal, which is bad. Perhaps they cancel each other out hmm?

Its been a good day. I volunteered at the school library (hadn't gone for two weeks due to depression and feeling crappy). Like I said we went grocery shopping. When I came home, Neva ate lunch (leftovers) while I put groceries away. Then I decided to do the dishes and also to put away all of the crap from under my kitchen sink. It has been sitting on my floor for at least 3 weeks, ever since the sink flooded. I was too dang lazy to put the shelving unit back together. But it is done now. I also put some dinner in the crockpot. Elk-swiss steak. I really hope it turns out good...smells great! Did some sociology work, online & also a couple of online workbook pages for my spanish class.

Took the kids to see "Horton Hears a Who". Parents, don't waste your money on this one. It is an ok film but definitely NOT worth the $40 price tag for tickets, popcorn & drinks. (We took our own candy from home.)

Now, the kids are outside riding their bikes while I mess around on the computer, putting off the mounds of homework awaiting me. Urgh.

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