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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Cussing in writing

Nope, not me. My 7 year old son. I was sorting laundry today and while emptying Kelens pockets I found a pencil stub and a folded up piece of paper. I open the paper and what do I find? Every mothers favorite nightmare. A note calling somebody (there was no name) a m.f-ing a-hole. This is clearly my childs handwriting. Now, what do I do?

Normally, I would yell. After son learned these words from somebody and ya'll know I am very picky about what he gets to see in movies or on t.v. So. I am to blame. Crap. I suck.

The whole point of this post is that I am actually pretty proud of myself for how I handled the situation. I talked to Kel. Found out who this note was aimed at and why he had written it. I told him that it was very good that he did NOT give this note to the child in question. I explained that it is ok to be angry, even pissed off at what this kid did but that it would NEVER be ok to give this note to him. I told him that we all know how pissed off momma gets at people and that it is also NEVER ok for me to use these words. I apologized to him for setting such an horrible example for him. I also explained that it is very important for him to talk to me (or somebody trustworthy) when he gets this angry. Bottling up that anger is not the path he wants to take in life. Believe me I know all about that.

I remember as a kid (I think maybe 3rd grade) some friends and I wrote a letter like this to a kid. We said the most horrible things to this little boy, horrible, hurtful, hateful words. We also got caught. I was the only one of the letter writers to be grounded by a parent. i chose not to do the same with my son. If he had gone through with his plan to give this to the child I would have had to seriously punish him. But the very fact that he chose not to, that he chose to get this crap out of his little heart and onto the paper, but made the wise decision to keep it to himself. Should I punish him for making the overall right choice?

How many of us would have that much self-control?

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